With all the COVID and Omicron Vaccination madness and drama going on in the world; I decided to share this post with you today. I found it helpful, inspiring, eye-opening, empowering and enlightening. I got this post from my LinkedIn Connection (Ole Karlsson). It is so true and touching!!

I totally believe with what is stated below. Already ubiquitous smart phones are greatly contributing to a frightening degree of social withdrawal. Being an old-timer, I can actually remember (ancient) times, 20 or more years ago, when people waiting at bus stops actually used to interact with each other.

(Chatting, joking, etc.)

Nowadays everybody is completely riveted to their phones, absolutely ignoring those alongside them. Even though they most likely see each other every day, they continue to remain strangers!

When driving by, I can’t help but see a complete withdrawal from society! Which is resulting in younger generations who are socially inept, inarticulate, awkward with strangers, and incapable of easily conversing with people they have just met.

A huge part of human communication depends on facial gestures. Here’s a thought! Do you still find yourself smiling at somebody even though you’re wearing a mask? And then it dawns on you that they have idea that you are smiling!!!

(For all they know – you may have been scowling at them.)

Humans have 42 facial muscles, meant to help us communicate.

(ie: smiles, grins, chuckles, sneers, expressions of surprise, grimaces, pursing of lips, blowing a kiss, etc.)

You get the idea!

Masked children are growing up now – never seeing any of the above facial gestures, while being unable to express their own emotions, delights, shocks, fears, or empathy!

Ole Karlsson

Pictures of People on Masks: Google Images

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My name is Kingsley Osajie, I am the Author of the children's book Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird. I am a talented, prolific, astounding, heart-based and influential writer. I write in all genres. I am determined to use my Blog to share my opinions, knowledge and inspire the World; also raising the Consciousness of Humanity to a Higher Dimension. I am from Delta State, Nigeria. I love Writing, meeting like-minded people, spending time in Nature and anything which promotes Positive Vibes and Positive Energies. Anything that sets the tone for a Positive Life Momentum is my Hobby. I also believe in Compassion. I am of the thought that we create our own reality and we can change the narrative of our Reality and Lives. So feel free to surf my blog and yes, let's labrish! XoXo and Namaste!

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