Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird

Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird is my first published book. It is a children’s book; and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, iTunes and other online and offline bookstores Worldwide. Here is a synopsis of my book.

Synopsis for Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird

Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird is an exquisite book about Cindy and her loving moments with Amy, her pet bird. This is a story of the intimacy and challenges of a little girl called Cindy and her beautiful songbird, Amy. Cindy’s bird, Amy, affected her positively. It shows how children can be attached with pets once a cordial relationship has been formed. In this story, Cindy showed us that children can have unwavering faith, even if it seemed goofy, unrealistic, and an illusion! Despite all odds about the whereabouts of Cindy’s bird, she kept believing and having faith.

What Readers are Saying About Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird

My son and I read this book. As we read it, he really enjoyed the imagery. He tried to guess what was next, enjoying the surprise as well as how happy the bird made her.
From my point of view, it was charming to read about her story. It’s refreshing to encompass the child’s nature so accurately. My son was just as charmed as I was at the cute story and the descriptions were vivid. Wonderful read! I look forward to reading more by this author!
” Camille DeMott United States

“This book is a really great book for children. Unlike other books which show us the children happy and playful. It showed that Cindy had an unwavering faith in the quest to find her little bird who went missing. It’s easy to read and short. It was a wonderful read.” Yinka Odufote, Nigeria

“This story is perfect for younger kids. I read this to my younger brother (6 years old), and he really enjoyed following the story of Cindy. From the perspective of an older reader, the book also had the magical feeling of childhood to it. Cindy’s love for the bird was really enjoyable to read about, and I felt like it taught a valuable lesson for kids. Cindy’s faith in the bird was also another lesson that could have been taken from this book. The images in the book were very engaging for my brother, and the colors kept him engaged throughout the story. The story is well worth a read with younger kids for a pastime, and it was written in a way that could it could have also helped children develop better reading capabilities. All in all, I think the story is perfect read for kids, and can teach them the lessons of faith and love.” S.K. Way, Oklahoma, USA

“Cindy and her beautiful bird” is certainly a book to remember. It emulates and emphasizes the relationship and connection that can be established between children and pets.” Mariam Owoade, Nigeria

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