Testimonials About Kingsley Osajie

“Kingsley Osajie has shown me that there are amazing freaking people in this world…He has inspired me to write and is a great observer! I have it on my list to really meet this soul!” Shelly Rudman, South Africa

“Kingsley Osajie is a spiritual teacher and an influential writer. He is knowledgeable in the subjects of manifestation, Law of Attraction, and Kwan Yin. Kingsley is a natural leader; his charisma inspires his audience, readers, and followers to love more. Kingsley’s passion for life forms a powerful drive that fuels others to follow their dreams.” Elaine of PETLO, Hong Kong

“Kingsley Osajie is a natural healer whose mere presence automatically heightens one’s vibration. He is blessed with the ability to channel divine wisdom and is always willing to share his gifts with others. His writings are full of inspiration and universal truths and they set the tone for positive manifestation in your day. Kingsley Osajie is a gift to Mother Earth and we are blessed to have him.” April Sanchez, USA

“Kingsley Osajie, you are quite the gifted writer so I want to acknowledge that first of all. I think you are very inspiring!” Debbianne DeRose, Mentor. Author. Speaker. www.debbianne.com  

“Kingsley is a great writer on a path of understanding himself and all the things around him. I like that he writes with such passion and love that he confirms the things I already know. He brings an awareness that I see that his readers will easily understand. The article and books that he writes starts a dialogue for people looking for something new or within themselves.” Darius Burnette, Virginia, USA

“Kingsley is a child of Light, and is meant for great compassion and teaching to others that need the light shown onto things and understandings. He is one who connects with the waters healing energy and one with nature. He is on his way to Enlightenment and growing beautifully in his personal journey getting there. I have positive feelings in knowing Kingsley is going to be a name many know.” Sincerely, KelkatskyMichigan, USA

“Kwan Yin has a beautiful message and it must be your calling to teach this to others”

Anna Hopp, Texas, USA

“You are a beautiful soul with an amazing gift of storytelling. Very captivating reads.” Tatsiana Nickinellos, Massachusetts, USA


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