MAGA Mantra (“Make America Great Again”)

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Ah! America, the “great” land—I love America. When I was in high school I heard the word “USA” and then I checked they said it is United States of America and I asked myself why did they say United States? I learnt that it was 50 States coming together to “live” as one Country in the Continent of North America. I won two books as prize when I was in high school.  One was a book and the other one was a magazine published by Guidepost. It was through the book and magazine that I began to study about America; as it shared many life stories of American people and how they overcame their personal problems. There I read the names of states in USA. It was really inspiring and wonderful!

Now for 50 States to come together to live as one Country actually sounded great! Is it not something remarkable? It used to be! Yes, you read that right; because for a country like USA where you are killed, punished and maltreated because of your skin colour does NOT represent a great country or a country that is ACTUALLY “united.” Suffice to say that United States is just in words; not in practice; reason being that USA is now the HUB of RACISM! I was sobered and left in sobriety when I read what AOC (Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez) said about America:

“Removing Trump will not remove the infrastructure of an entire party that embraced him; the dark money that funded him; the online radicalization that drummed his army; nor the racism he amplified and reanimated” -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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That statement is enough to leave you teary-eyed! RACISM IS A MIND DISEASE. Like the Barbadian-American singer Rihanna rightly said in her song Disturbia. Rihanna says “…a disease of the mind it can control you…”

Yes, racism is actually a MIND DISEASE; it possesses you, controls you. It creeps up inside you subliminally and starts consuming you and like a thief in the night as Rihanna also said in Disturbia

“It’s a thief in the night

To come and grab you.”

It is true, that spell of Racism first of all grabs you. Racism is evil; I am saying this NOT because I am a Black person. It is JUST the FACT (if I was a White person I would say the same thing; I am COCKSURE that there are some very few White people who knows what I am saying is TRUE). I love this song by Rihanna; I played it while typing this post. Well-done Rihanna!

When I first read the make America great again mantra I was like “Great again in what sense”? One American person asked “when was it great”? The bitter truth is that the mantra of “Make America Great Again” is born out of negative ego. I was surprised when I saw one of my American friend who I thought was on a journey to enlightenment and quite not in the way of the consensus use the MAGA Mantra in one of her social media pictures. I was like even this one is still following the crowd; I actually felt disappointed!

Honestly, every country is GREAT on their own right! For example, countries like Israel, China, Japan, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt are GREAT on their own right. I love the words of Abby Wynne:

“We are all neighbours because we live on Planet Earth.  We are all human. Instead of focusing on making any country great again, let’s remember the greatness in ourselves, and in others.” Abby Wynne

Whenever I see Donald Trump or any American wearing the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA Mantra) I feel disappointed; but I see them with the eyes of Compassion because they (Americans who wear the “Make America Great Again”) are consumed with the negative ego and it is correct to say that they are under Disturbia and “un-awakened” because “a mind stretched by new knowledge can never go back to its prior form” as said in The Mastery of Life of the Rosicrucians.

The last time I checked, no one race is better or greater than the other. As no skin colour is neither! We are equal; honestly I do not see myself as “less-than” because I am Black; I see myself as a human being with Divine rights, loved unconditionally by God/Goddess, Angels and the Universe.  This is how I see my fellow human beings no matter what skin colour you want to label yourself.

I am a Nigerian and ultimately UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK. Someone will want to say that I have not talked about the problems in Nigeria; I am talking about USA. I will also talk about the issues of Nigeria as well but this article does not focus on Nigeria.

The question now is “Make America Great Again,” for who? Is it really for “all” Americans? I DOUBT if the Black Americans are included in this “Make America Great Again” (MAGA Mantra)! Because the narratives in America speak volumes; don’t even get me started with the death of George Floyd and the likes of it (SAD!!!). In the eyes of God, Angels and the Universe we are all equal. Let me ask you, does natural disaster know skin colour? Does sickness or death know skin colour? NO! They affect everyone; animals too do not know skin colour; so why is it humans that are made in God’s image are “knowing” skin colour? The Bible did not say God made White people in God’s image. It said “Man” meaning all humans.

My Conversation with Elizabeth Billingsley

Photo credit: Elizabeth Billingsley)

I had a conversation with this amazing woman Elizabeth Billingsley on Instagram whom I call my friend and by extension a Soul Sister. If all White people had the kind of mindset Elizabeth has; the world will be a better place. Elizabeth was humble and wise enough to acknowledge the faults of the White people (even if she is a White woman). Plus she agrees not all the White people are truly “awakened…” I hope you enjoy my conversation with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Billingsley:  A quote to think on: “History does not happen by chance. We are the products of the free choices of our ancestors if we are white.  If we are black, we are the products of our ancestors who did get the same choices.” – 13th, Netflix documentary.

Kingsley:   My take here is….the White people are fortunate to have ancestors who were Wise enough to foresee the future and created a better reality for them. Hence putting the White people in a “better position…..” This also applies to the Asians whose ancestors have laid a good foundation for them and helped them rise and shine. Today the Asians are in a positive life momentum. I am a Black person. Hence, I think part of the blame for Africa’s backwardness is in the hands of the African ancestors. Although part of the blame are still on the Europeans who came to colonize Africa. I really love this post. I’m writing a book about this issue and will be out in due time.

Elizabeth Billingsley:  Thank you for your perspective! White culture has much to repent for. We don’t have it all together. We have not treated black persons and other people of color as fellow image bearers. Sadly, many still aren’t. This must stop

Kingsley:   Unfortunately, not all White people have the same mindset as you. If only the White people can “repent” as u rightly said. Then the world would be a MUCH better place. Though they parade the Mantra Black Lives Matter. But has it??? Unfortunately it has not!!! Even if I am African; I transcend Africa.

Elizabeth Billingsley:  Yes you do. Thank you brother! I agree, it will have to move past symbolism (another white culture thing we do to feel better about ourselves). Forgive us, we are working on all this…some will come along more slowly than others.

Kingsley:   I totally understand your point. And it makes sense. I will surely let you know when I publish my book on this issue. Namaste

Elizabeth Billingsley:  Thank you!

When I watched the victorious video of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; I marveled! I also congratulated the duo and followed them on their social media handles. Here is the thing—now, when you meet the supporters of Joe Biden they will tell you that Joe Biden is an “Angel” and they will pour out all sorts of errors, criticisms about Donald Trump. If you meet with the fans of Donald Trump; they will tell you that Donald Trump is a Hero with all his “GREAT”-NESS and then they will pour out all the flaws of Joe Biden. The only thing we can do is to watch and see how the American narratives go; as actions will also speak louder than words.

If America wants to be “great” or “great again” America MUST FIRST HEAL from the MIND DISEASE of RACISM! The great Black American singer Michael Jackson has told us to heal the world and it starts with healing ourselves first whether mind disease of racism or any other thing…the ONLY way to make America “great” or “great again” is seeing each other with the eyes of love, understanding and compassion. Not letting the negative ego deceive you with the MAGA Mantra (“Make America Great Again”).


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