“Plus 1” Syndrome: does it have a hold on you?

People celebrate birthday everyday because every day is someone’s birthday elsewhere. There are lots of birthday songs out there to complement this thing called birth-day. What is birthday? It is that simple: the day you were born. Why do people celebrate their birthdays? Haha!! To mark the day they were born into this Plane ofContinue reading “Plus 1” Syndrome: does it have a hold on you?


Egypt has been a country I value and honour since my childhood. According to history; civilization started from Egypt and Egypt has one of the Seven Wonders of the World! I have always been fascinated by Egyptian history, culture, people and mythologies. When I was in high school I would sit in the library forContinue reading GHADA GAD STOLE MY POEMS!!!


In this ever-evolving Universe, everything is vibrating and everything is moving: either in different directions or the same directions. Nothing is stagnant. Everything and everyone has “where” they are going to. It is a common communication between people—when you get to the motor park you are being asked your destination. It applies to the airport,Continue reading “DESTINATION”


By nature, humans are “crazy” including me! Lol! There is something I have been noticing…now people will say it is a normal thing or justify it by saying that is a personal hygienic practice. Hmm…well it ought to be a personal hygienic practice; but then I think there is a limit to things we shouldContinue reading “WHY DO PEOPLE USE ROAD SIDE MANICURE AND PEDICURE?”

“She MUST DIE Before Me”!

When you hear the kind of life orientation and mentality of some people you will be dumbfounded. You begin to ask yourself what kind of blood is flowing in such person’s body. No doubt, we are living in a patriarchal society…some times when I remember my experience from whence the title of this post cameContinue reading ““She MUST DIE Before Me”!”


This Earth we live in is a sea of energy!! Earth—though appears to be a physical realm; but trust me Earth is a realm that has both the physical and spiritual energies in it. Like Zoroaster correctly said “There is one God and a continuous struggle between the forces light and darkness.” When I wasContinue reading “ENCHANTED!!”

‘Until Black Lives Matter to Black People, Nobody Cares’ – Cynthia Morgan

I have been following up with the issue of Black Lives Matter; and I have a LOT to say about it. There are some BITTER TRUTHS that needs to be exposed!! But that would be a story for another day; in the meantime I thought I would share with you this overwhelming, inspiring, beautiful andContinue reading “‘Until Black Lives Matter to Black People, Nobody Cares’ – Cynthia Morgan”

The Real Truth Behind Wrestling And Why It Is Fake

I have always been fascinated by the Wrestling sport since childhood. I remember watching the wrestling sport on TV when I was a child. Often times, we watch together as a family. Sometimes I watch it alone with my siblings. As I grow up I became even more fascinated and curious with this amazing andContinue reading “The Real Truth Behind Wrestling And Why It Is Fake”

Your Energy Is Your Responsibility

In my previous post, I shared some gems of wisdom from the amazing Sarah Prout and today here I bring you another inspiring post from Sarah Prout. It talks about Energy; when I finally came to grasp a complete understanding of the term Energy; I now agree that everything is Energy and your Energy isContinue reading “Your Energy Is Your Responsibility”

2 Things I LOVE About Korra Obidi

I knew about Korra Obidi when the news of her marriage failure with her American husband Justin Dean. Before then I did not know about Korra Obidi; what amazed me most is that Korra Obidi is from my state (Delta State). From there I knew also that Korra is a dancer and singer. In truth,Continue reading “2 Things I LOVE About Korra Obidi”