The Lotus Flower Remains my Favorite Flower!

The lotus is born under the mud, growing through the water to achieve the surface, and therefore the air and the light of sun. This growth is identified with man’s life, born in earth but desiring the elevation to the air; representing his middle stage between animals and the ultimate reality. The seeds of lotusContinue reading “The Lotus Flower Remains my Favorite Flower!”

Why I Don’t Care Much About Valentine’s Day-Moxie’s Diary

Today is Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share this with you. Honestly, I am surprised to read that a woman in this our modern generation. A generation that has been blown away by social media, fashion and whatever you can call it still have some people who are distinct! In fact, I should notContinue reading “Why I Don’t Care Much About Valentine’s Day-Moxie’s Diary”

Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!

If I have to do it again, I will still choose Abuja. I have been hearing about Lagos…but to be honest, Lagos has been overrated…the noise, overpopulation, pollution and other things. Abuja is serene and organized. At least in Abuja drivers will slow down for you to cross or signal you with their hands toContinue reading “Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!”

An Interview with Richard Coleman

Hello everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing this amazing, talented, creative and brilliant Ghanaian man (Richard Coleman), It is very obvious that Richard knows his onions and is well on track in a very positive momentum. I actually felt inspired by his words. But before I share with you what Richard said inContinue reading “An Interview with Richard Coleman”

Christmas in Abuja

I woke up at 12:07am and I checked my calendar it was 25th December; Christmas Day! In that very early hour of the morning, everywhere was bubbling with music and noises. I was still on my bed and I could hear all those noises from far and near. My neighbours were already awake preparing mealContinue reading “Christmas in Abuja”

Wise Living

There is a statement Jesus Christ made in the Bible—and he said “Be gentle as a dove but be wise a serpent.” It is not enough to be alive in my own opinion though. Living well is the best way to live. There are many people who are out there but their life is notContinue reading “Wise Living”

Marginalization in Nigeria

Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 there has been the issue of marginalization. In fact, marginalization has eaten deep into every aspect of Nigeria’s economy!! I was honourably invited by journalist Pius Awunah to talk about the issue of marginalization in Nigeria which have been bedeviling Nigeria since inception in KAFTAN TV Station Abuja.Continue reading “Marginalization in Nigeria”

I Am an African of a Different Breed

One thing I have noticed about Africans is that altruism is VERY RARE among Africans. Altruism is a culture that has not been well embraced Africans. Africans do not help each other; instead they will seek to bring you down. That is the mentality and character of many Africans. I am an African man; butContinue reading I Am an African of a Different Breed