“Who Told The Sky Beings?”

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When I was in high school, I had an English teacher. He was very vast in knowledge…he speaks French and Latin. I love him so much. It was through him I knew about the Rosicrucian as he always brought their magazine to school; but he refused to let me have it with me. I actually begged him to give me to take home to read but he subtly refused! Most times during break, he would sit me down and tell me things about the physical, history, science, religion and spiritual. He told me about people like William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nelson Mandela, Nikolas Tesla, Indira Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Miriam Makeba, Queen Elizabeth of England, Buddha, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi, Orville & Wilbur Wright (the Wright Brothers), ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians, Eastern Civilizations (of Asia) and many others.

We always enjoyed his lessons because he was very witty. I love him so much! He is very tall, very dark in complexion; a typical ebony African man. He is genial…there is no way he would come to the class that you would not laugh. I think he is a comedian. Because he always made us laugh Lols…he writes in the lettering of San Serif. He actually spotted me out in the classroom among other students. I am sure he saw something in me. Yes, I love his mojo and camaraderie. His name is Elueme. This was a conversation I had with my high school English teacher one afternoon during break.

As a maverick, quirky and a Rainbow Child that I am; during the conversation I asked my English teacher: “who told the Sky People?” I was in senior high school when I had the conversation with him; he would tell me the meaning of words I do not understand or ask me to look it up in the dictionary.

(Sky: Google images)

I have always been a curious type…this conversation with my teacher was so epical and inspiring; that it became indelible in my subconscious mind; I actually wrote it down somewhere in my rough note. Our epic conversation began this way:

My English Teacher: Have you ever thought about who you actually are? Who you are in essence? Have you thought about how you perceive the surrounding world? Not from the point of view of physiology, but from the point of view of life… Who are you? How do you see, how do you hear, why do you feel, who in you understands and, who exactly perceives? Look inside of yourself.

My English Teacher: But you live in this very moment called ‘now’. And what is now? It’s a precious instant of life; it’s a gift from God that should be used rationally because tomorrow is a step into uncertainty. And it is not improbable that it may be your last step in this life, a step to the abyss, to infinity. And what will happen there?

My English Teacher: You are not just a biological being; you are a Human who is endowed with a particle of eternity. Once you realize this, you will understand that your Fate is in your hands and a lot of it depends on you and not only here, but also there. Just think it over: who are you, a perfect bio-robot or a human, an animal or a spiritual creature? Who?

(Sun: Google images)

My English Teacher:What is the purpose of life, have you ever thought about it? The highest purpose of life of each individual is the cognition of his soul. Other things are all temporary, passing, just dust and illusion. The only way to understand your soul is through your inner Love, through moral purification of your thoughts, and through an absolutely firm confidence in reaching this goal, that is, through internal faith… As long as you have a glimmer of life in you, it is still not too late to cognize yourself, to find your origin, the holy life-giving spring of your soul… Sort yourself out, and you will understand who you are in reality.

Me: I always thought that a human is a pretty intelligent being to figure out everything on his own, including scientific discoveries.

My English Teacher: In general, a human, undoubtedly, will one day become a perfect creature…he would not even be able to invent an ordinary chair if he is not told how it should be done.

Me: How do you mean?

My English Teacher: It’s only now that people are so smart because they use the knowledge of the ancestors. But how did their ancestors find out about it, have you ever thought? Even in the most ancient legends of the Sumerian civilization, written on clay tablets, it is mentioned that people from the sky told them how to organize the household, how to build houses, how to fish, how to cultivate vegetative food for themselves, and so forth. Before that, people lived like a herd of animals… have you ever though how do scientists make discoveries?

Me: By intensive work on a given subject of research.

My English Teacher: Certainly, from the outside, it looks exactly this way. But have you thought about the very instant of discovery and instant of insight?

Me: (shrugging my shoulders, lost in wonder in silence)

My English Teacher: The same story goes with discoveries of Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Confucius, Buddha, William Shakespeare and many, many others. Practically all the scientific ideas and theories of mankind appeared as a result of insights, intuition, and more often as ‘revelations from above.’ The depths of the subconscious are the ‘gates’ which can open from one side as well as from the other side. It is just a transition to a completely different dimension. So, when necessary, a ready answer can be inserted into the brain of a scientist, singer, artist, writer etc from “that side.”

Me: What is that side?

Moon: Google images

My English Teacher: The Ethereal Realm

Me: Who inserts it

My English Teacher:   The Sky Beings.

Me: How do you mean by the Sky Beings?       

My English Teacher:   The ones who are located on that side.

Stars: Google images

Me: What are their names?

My English Teacher:   (Laughs) what a wonderful question! They are the Sky Beings…Gods/Goddesses…Greater Energies…Cosmic Forces…Fairies… Angels…

Me: Who gave the Sky Beings/God the knowledge? Who told the Sky Beings?  

My English Teacher:   (jabs me intuitively and tenderly) It is a mystery….                          



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