An Encounter with Mr. Palaver

(Restaurant: Google Images)

His real name is Jegede; you will have to find out why he is called Mr. Palaver. To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, Mr. Palaver is taking his wife out to dinner in a Smart Restaurant. Here is what happened in the restaurant….

Waiter:                (bringing a tray of food to the table) Did you want fried rice sir?

Mr. Palaver:        No, I ordered boiled rice. She wanted fried rice

Waiter:                (putting two plates into position) Thank you sir (about to put two more plates into position) the fish is for you madam; is it?

Mr. Palaver:        No. The fish is not for her. It is for me

Waiter:                Oh, I am sorry…I thought you ordered chicken (gives the chicken to Mrs. Palaver)

Mr. Palaver:        No. She did not order chicken either. She ordered beef and green peppers

Waiter:                Hmmm. I am confused; let me go and change this chicken. I am coming madam! (He hurries away)

Mrs. Palaver:      Husband, I hope that at the end of all this…the food you ordered will be good!

To be continued….


Published by Kingsley Osajie

My name is Kingsley Osajie, I am the Author of the children's book Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird. I am a talented, prolific, astounding, heart-based and influential writer. I write in all genres. I am determined to use my Blog to share my opinions, knowledge and inspire the World; also raising the Consciousness of Humanity to a Higher Dimension. I am from Delta State, Nigeria. I love Writing, meeting like-minded people, spending time in Nature and anything which promotes Positive Vibes and Positive Energies. Anything that sets the tone for a Positive Life Momentum is my Hobby. I also believe in Compassion. I am of the thought that we create our own reality and we can change the narrative of our Reality and Lives. So feel free to surf my blog and yes, let's labrish! XoXo and Namaste!

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