Egypt has been a country I value and honour since my childhood. According to history; civilization started from Egypt and Egypt has one of the Seven Wonders of the World! I have always been fascinated by Egyptian history, culture, people and mythologies. When I was in high school I would sit in the library for hours exploring Egyptian mythologies. As one who loves voyaging Egypt is among my favorite tourist destination—but because of what I have experienced from an Egyptian; I would now say that Egypt used to be among favorite tourist destination; because I am no longer holding Egypt in a high esteem. Neither are my honouring Egypt again! Suffice to say that I have begun seeing all Egyptians and Egypt as a country in entirety as WICKED, DECEITFUL and PHONY!! There is a reason for this: remember it takes only one grain sand to tip the scale in either direction.

Pyramids of Egypt

One Egyptian has made me to see all Egyptians as the same. Why? Because I trusted this Egyptian woman called Ghada Gad. She is a journalist and a translator but she took my trust and respect I had for her as a weakness. However, I have the FULL confidence and FAITH that the Universe, Karma, Kwan Yin, Angels and the Cosmic Forces are coming after Ghada Gad; because Ghada Gad MUST face the consequences of what she has done to me. There is no way Ghada Gad is going to escape her Nemesis of her actions!

I know someone will be asking what Ghada Gad did to Kingsley and what happened? What happened and what Ghada Gad did to Kingsley is this: Ghada Gad stole my poems!! Read through my explanations below.

One Egyptian journalist and translator by name Ghada Gad. I met Ghada Gad on LinkedIn 2022; according to the LinkedIn profile of Ghada Gad, she is a Translator (English/Arabic)& classicist (Freelance journalist). Ghada Gad has 500+ connections on LinkedIn. Her location specifies Alexandria, Egypt and her educational institution also specifies Alexandria University. She has an M.A. of literary criticism in 2008 from Alexandria University. Anyway, I will attach screenshot of Ghada Gad LinkedIn profile.

Now, the problem I am having with Ghada Gad is that she stole my poems!!!Let me explain:

After I met Ghada on LinkedIn we started having a good rapport. It was there I introduced myself to her that I am a writer. Yes, I have a children’s book on Amazon and other bookstores worldwide; the title is Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird. I am also a blogger at and I am from Delta State, Nigeria but I live in Abuja, Nigeria. Ghada Gad and I started having mutual conversations. Subsequently, I told Ghada Gad about my love and familiarity for Egypt. How I used to stay up late in the library reading about Egyptian mythology, culture and history when I was in high school. It seemed very fascinating to Ghada Gad. From there I told Ghada Gad that I have written a poem about the Sphinx in Egypt and the Nile River. Ghada Gad was really excited and she asked me to send her my poems about Egypt. I felt a little reluctant to send her my poems but I thought of how we have been conversing for some months and I thought that Ghada Gad was an authentic and credible person so I sent her my poems via email. The screenshot I have attach here in this post.

I sent Ghada my poems on April 12, 2022. I sent it to her email address ( she acknowledged receipt and promised me that she would make sure my poems are published. That she was going to start working on the translation of my poems into Arabic and once she is done she would forward it to an editor and then it would be published. I have evidences of my conversation with Ghada Gad on LinkedIn.

After giving me her words that I should not worry that she (Ghada Gad) would publish my poems the next thing I saw is that Ghada Gad blocked me on LinkedIn. I could not reach her on LinkedIn anymore but there was no way I could send her messages. She also deleted her messages to me; but thankful to LinkedIn because I was able to retrieve Ghada Gad deleted messages, view them and made screenshots of them.

Ghada Gad LinkedIn Profile
My Conversation with Ghada Gad
My Conversation with Ghada Gad
My Conversation with Ghada Gad
My email of sending Ghada Gad my Poems
Ghada Gad acknowledging my email

Ghada Gad has made my view of Egypt and Egyptians to tilt…I am not happy with Ghada Gad. Ghada Gad MUST be brought to book and justice should be given out to me. Ghada Gad should publish my poems as she has previously agreed.

“The game of Life is a game of boomerangs. Our deeds, words and thoughts returns to us, sooner or later with astounding accuracy.”  Florence Scovel Shinn

No matter what, Ghada Gad must face the consequences of her actions and I am open for anyone to join me in this cause for Ghada Gad to be exposed. There is no peace for the wicked.

Photo Credit: Pictures of Sphinx: Google Images


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