An Interview with Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman

What is your name?

Richard Coleman

I am from the Central region of Ghana, specifically Saltpond. I do miss Ghana and of course I can speak at least eight different Ghanaian languages

You told me you are from Ghana. Where in Ghana are you from? Do you miss Ghana? Can you speak your Ghanaian language?

Greet the world with your language and put the interpretation

Mekyia mo nyinna mokai nhomaa yi (I greet all readers of this blog)

How long have you been in Nigeria?

Nine years

Have you ever wished or do you sometimes wish or feel like going back to Ghana? Do you have this nostalgia for Ghana?

Not particularly, I can visit Ghana anytime I want to. As a matter of fact I visited Ghana July last year. I’m always welcome anytime I visit

What is your own comparison between Nigeria and Ghana?

Lifestyle in Ghana is slow paced (gradual process) but Nigeria is on a fast pace in all aspects

Do you have a Ghanaian name and what is the meaning of the name?

Yes my Ghanaian name is Yaw which is a Thursday born but I am fondly call Paa Ekow

How long have you been on this planet Earth?

I have been on this earth for twenty seven years

What is your profession/career? What can you say inspired you to go into this profession/career?

I am into business management and development in the Tech and Communications space. The reason why I ventured into this career path is because I natural have a flair for leading people and making them get the best results as possible, also my love for technology and interacting with people.

Assuming you had another chance to pick a different career; will you still be doing this profession/career?

Nope if I had my way I will be a Music Artist

What stopped you from having your way in becoming a music artist?

Nothing stopped me the dream still lives on but a priority check has been implemented.

What are your Passions? What inspires you?

I am passionate about self improvement, music, inter personal relationship and doing great things against all odds

If you are to have an all expense paid trip to any country in the world; where will that be?

The United Kingdom

Where and where would you visit in UK and what attracted you to the UK?

Milton Keynes. The easy going setting attracted me and of course the rich royal history

Do you have any favorite food?

Jollof rice and chicken with plantain

How will you describe your hobbies?

My hobbies include singing, listening to music, playing video games and talking

Do you have role models/influences and who are they?

I won’t say I have one specific mentor per say, I have role models across different areas of life whom I emulate such as Miles Munroe, Robert Kiyosaki, Apostle Joshua Selman, Bishop Oyedepo,  TD Jakes to mention a few

What is your life orientation?

Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by chance

Do you have any phobia(s)?

None that I can recall

What are your strengths? Or what can you specifically pick out as your super power?

I am a very observant person (Observant)

You are given an opportunity to have lunch with one of the luminaries in the world; who would that be?

Robert Kiyosaki

Looking back in your life, will you beat your hands in the chest and say yes, I have achieved my dreams?

Sadly no, even though I have some little accomplishments, i still have room for more improvement

Is there anything you sometimes wished you had not done; I mean do you have one of those coulda, woulda, shoulda?

Not exactly. Everything I did I knew the implications

Do you have any childhood memories you would want to share with us?

Growing up as a kid I was so close to my mother and she was my best friend. I always cherish those fond times were I would tag along with her wherever she went to and also spending time in the kitchen with her or baking with her cause she loved to bake

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time from now?

In the next 5-10 years I see myself touring the world and meeting with dignitaries; having created a stable income with a wonderful family with my kids around me. Having a strong business empire as well

What advise do you have for our young ones?

Just remain focused and don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail. Because from those mistakes and failures your will come out refined

What are some of the books you have read and why did you choose to read them?

I am not a book worm per say. I read books based on my desire to gain knowledge at a particular point

Do you love animals and bird? Do you have any pet? Tell us about it

I grew up with dogs in my house and I love them. As they say, they are man’s best friend

What can you categorize as your likes and dislikes?

I like fun and cheerful setting, interaction. My dislikes would be being lied to, cheated, being patronized and being accused wrongly

How can people connect with you on social media; would you like to share your social media handles?

Facebook: RichieremyNg

Instagram: @ richieremy_ng

Twitter :     @richieremy_Ng1

Snapchat:   RichieremyNg


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