Have you ever seen two people who are “opposite” even if they are from the same parents? As you read along you will find out what I mean by “opposite.” This Earth Game we are playing called Life is really wonder-full; makes me remember the song “What a Wonderful World.”

I am the last child of my parents. I have an elder brother; as I did not begin primary school on time due to some difficulties I had before I started walking well. But that was in my infancy stage (it is an old story I must tell you). Due to this my elder brother Bright was ahead of me in school; he was in the next class and I was in the preceding class.

Bright and Me during our Interhouse Sport Competition in High School

During my childhood days I had trouble going to school; I kind of disliked school. It was a war between me and my mom. I would cry and cry telling her that I do not want to go to school! Sometimes she will lead me to the school; but I knew the route so I have to come back on my personal freewill. Or we would end up in kerfuffle; which will ultimately lead to me ending up halfway and she will have to take me back home right there from the road! Even if she tried to cajole me with the promise of my favorite food and goodies for me; I have already said no with tears in my eyes and I meant it. Call me a wild child and you are right (a good wild, quirky, maverick supple child…a child who knew his onions….right? Yes! Lols).

Bright and Me

This incident happened between the period of my primary one and two. Then it seemed something sparked up in me and I picked interest in schooling. Once I entered primary three I fell in love with academics—reading ahead of the class textbook and even teaching myself at home. My performance was quite remarkable. It seemed like I got “awakened;” I even wrote my final school leaving certificate examination from my preceding class! And I made it excellently.

Then secondary school, as usual my brother Bright was ahead of me in class. It seemed like an advantage of me because I would be using his textbooks and notebooks to prepare myself ahead. Nearing completion of my secondary school, the choice of career came. That will enable us to know what we are to study in the university or college. There seemed to be a “belief” about science and art.  There was this belief that going into the field of the sciences would give you an edge over your contemporaries and present you with more job opportunities plus a well paid job. I actually faced pressure at that time, but I had to be stubborn enough to follow my instinct. I intuitively knew that I was going for the Arts. My brother Bright had a knack for the sciences; plus I am a Rainbow child (at least I knew this from my childhood)this is where the “opposite” comes in.

My Mom, Bright and Me

When we finally graduated from secondary school, my brother got an admission into the Delta State University where he studied Physics. Actually, during my secondary school days, I wanted to do Gymnastics as a career because I had a very flexible body; I could twist, crawl, climb, turn and whatever with all the quirkiness and suppleness—something I used to defeat my brother when we used to play. He would try to bend me as a way of punishment but I somehow curled out like a snake; he would try to bend me again as punishment but with suppleness I would curl out of his hands. What stopped me from doing Gymnastics was that there was no Gymnastic school in Nigeria. My mom actually saw this potential in me; we made enquiries but there was no Gymnastic school in Nigeria.

Thanks to my physical and health education teacher. She was really a competent teacher; one with an enviable mastery of her field! She sparked my zeal…I could remember asking her in the classroom if the state government would sponsor us to Greece to go and do Gymnastics since Gymnastics originated from Greece. My passion was burning with Gymnastics! But she told me that she was not sure if our government would do that. My brother and I were her favorite students (same with other teachers).

Eventually, I had to take up study in the field of the arts and humanities. I studied Political Science and Social Studies in College of Education, Agbor Delta State in Nigeria. The thing is this, while my brother Bright studied Physics I am the one who eats, sleeps and breathes Metaphysics—I LOVE Metaphysics!! Bright actually graduated excellently; he is very dexterous and competent when it comes to handling and fixing things: ranging from repairing our generator, motorbike, installing fan, house-wiring, plumbing, repairing radio, television, phone, etc. Bright was the one who singlehandedly installed our tap and GEEPEE water tank without the assistance of the workmen. The only thing the workmen did was to bring the machine for the drilling. That is all. Every other technical stuff was handled by Bright competently and smoothly…a gift I do not have!

On my Matriculation Day in College with Bright and his friend

I always tell my students “I prefer Metaphysics to physics.” I am the one who loves to spend time in the river—connecting with the Waters healing energies (if you say I am a Merman, you are right), taking a walk in the forest, conversing with the Universe and exploring all-things Metaphysics. When I told my mom the experience when I traveled across the high sea; she looked at me intuitively and said “who knows if the Undines was just nudging you…you know you are the quirkiest of all my children…” and we burst into laughter.

In the University, Bright do repairs for fellow students, neighbours, friends in their hostels. Whenever any of their appliances was faulty or they needed a wiring or connection and stuffs like that he would go and do it for them and they pay him for the service. He even goes to outside work as an electrician. I am blessed and fortunate to have such a talented brother so that I did not have to pay any electrician to fix things for me. Yes, I am proud of him!

Let me say that God uses our fellow humans to save us….we can be each other’s Angels. As usual Bright went to an outside work in a hostel; that was a fateful day…a student met him in the school and told him that her fan was faulty. The fan would not switch on to give her the air she bought the fan for!! (That can be very frustrating—especially when you are not tech savvy). So they bargained for the price and he paid Bright in advance. Then Bright agreed to come and fix the fan for her the next day.

When Bright arrived the girl’s hostel, she showed Bright the fan and explained whatever it was that was wrong with the fan. Then Bright climbed a chair to fix the fan; meanwhile the girl’s sister visited and was trying to prepare lunch. Standing on the chair in the room, Bright was working on the fan and the girl’s sister who visited brought went to the kitchen and switched on the gas. After switching on the gas, she realized that the matches was not in the kitchen; she had to go and get matches from the room.

Fortunately Bright had already seen her light the gas cooker. As she was going to the kitchen to strike the matches to light the gas; Bright swiftly jumped down from the chair and gripped her with full force—pulling her away from the kitchen and dragging her to the room! The girl was confused and angry; not knowing the intention behind Bright’s action. She began to yell and rain insults on Bright; this drew the attention of other students in the hostel and her sister. When they came out she narrated how Bright jumped down from the chair and gripped her; dragging her away from the kitchen to the room. They began to think otherwise—suspecting that Bright wanted to rape her. All of them started talking and running their mouths like tap.

“Hear me out,” Bright told the girl’s sister whom he has come to repair her fan for. Everyone was like what has he to say…so Bright told them how it all began: “I was up there on the chair fixing the fan when I saw your sister go to the kitchen and switch on the gas cooker. After switching on the gas cooker, she realized that the matches was not in the kitchen; she was looking for the matches. She spent ten minutes walking up and about looking for the matches. If I had not seen her and she went to the kitchen and light the gas. This hostel would be ablaze and I am sure it would not be a funny experience.” Hearing this, the girl whom she came to repair fan for shouted, “What!!!! Thank God for your vigilance!” as she said this she collapsed on the bed. All she said was “Halleluiah!!” BRIGHT THANK YOU OO!!! She began to thank Bright profusely. “You are really a good electrician. If you had not seen her all of us would have been burnt to death and severely injured.” Said the girl with gratitude. Other students in the hostel who heard her shout rushed in to see what was going and why she was shouting. When they heard the version of Bright story; they began to thank him profusely. The girl who wanted to cook the lunch went on her knees and started begging Bright and thanking him. Everyone in the hostel that afternoon were all thanking Bright for his vigilance. Even those who have insulted all apologized to him and thanked him copiously for his vigilance. Some students were saying thank God he came that afternoon to repair the fan; otherwise that hostel would have been ablaze; lives and properties would have been lost. “Bright, God used you to save me and my sister and everyone in this hostel.” The girl who hired Bright to repair her fan said. “Assuming Bright did not come today to repair this fan, this hostel would have been razed down by fire. And we would not be here talking…” thank God and thank Bright. Other students on hearing the story of the incident; blamed the girl who wanted to cook the lunch for her carelessness. “Why would you turn on a gas cooker when you do not have a lighter or matches in your hands? You are a very careless girl! Village girl! Common sense should have told you that you were supposed to have matches or lighter handy before turning on the gas cooker.” One of the students told her aggressively. Bright has already finished his work so he left them.

(Fan: Google images)


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