My Powerful Telepathic Experience!!

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Have you ever had a powerful telepathic experience? We have heard of Telepathy and know what it means. I do not want to start explaining it. It simply means mind-reading or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Honestly, I am quite the intuitive and “sensitive” type. This story I want to share with you is an actual life story that happened to me! Time and space does not exist in the ether! Any time I remember this powerful telepathic experience of mine; I feel VERY overwhelmed, dumbfounded and grateful.

In 2019, I had a very powerful telepathic experience. I was teaching in a private school then. On that fateful morning, I was dressing up preparing for school. After some time, I began to have this cold dizzy feeling; I began to feel melancholic and overwhelmed. I tried to brace myself up and pull myself together but it was not working out. I noticed something happening. I was dressing wrongly! How do I mean? After putting on my long-sleeve I realized that I missed buttoning one of the buttons. I corrected it—then something happened again; I missed putting my belt correctly on the rim of my trouser. I missed one of the belt holders in my trouser. This happened for three times; then I began wearing my shoes sluggishly. After wearing it I felt so tired; I was not hungry or having any body pain of any kind. I slept well and woke up well.

Then I started going to school. I used to put on my ear piece when going to school listening to some music. But that day I did not do it. I just felt not interested. I was just walking to school with a great mindfulness and sobriety. I got to a point I began to walk very slowly. Something happened!! I got to a palm tree plantation and I felt so tired. I was almost squatting as I stopped walking! A very cold feeling hit me back and forth. I thought of calling our proprietress that I would not be able to come to school that morning that I was not feeling fine. But I said to continue; guess what came out of my mouth? Intuitively, I began affirming consistently and seriously: “I REFUSE CONDOLENCE, I REJECT CONDOLENCE…” I continued this affirmation all the way to the school. I was saying it slowly within myself but with a strong conviction and clarity.

When I arrived school, my pupils noticed that I was not as cheerful as I was the previous day; so they were staring at me bemused—sensing that something was “wrong” with me. I sat down on my chair and placed my head on the desk still saying the affirmations within myself subliminally. After about ten minutes of me saying those affirmations; I sat up quiet, calm and sober. Not quite long they rang the bell for assembly and I went. When the academic activity of that day was over, I went home.

It was a hot afternoon when I got home. When I got home I noticed something strange! Everywhere was quiet. No one was at home. “It is well,” I told myself; then I called my mom. My mom answered the call and told me that she was in the hospital. My heart bit and I panicked. I did not eat the food I wanted to eat. I was afraid and fidgeting; I entered a bike and went to the hospital. When I got to the hospital I COULD NOT BELIEVE my eyes!!!

Festus was lying on the hospital bed with plasters and injection on his body. His eyes were closed. I asked my mom what happened; my mom said he had an accident in his workshop. My mom and brother Bright was there in the hospital already before I arrived.

My mom told me that Festus was working in his mechanic workshop. He had already raised the vehicle up and was lying on the ground beneath the vehicle to repair it when one of the woods he used to raise the vehicle shifted away and the vehicle fell on top of him!!! He fainted; thank God there were coworkers there in his workshops. They came to his aid and raised the vehicle off him then rushed him to the hospital. He was still unconscious!!! At the time he was rushed to the hospital. My mom told me that she was in the farm working when the news came to her. One of our relative called her and told her that Festus is unconscious in the hospital. She screamed and ran from the farm direct to the hospital to meet Festus.

It was a red letter day for us. But thank God that Festus survived the accident and recovered from the pain. One of his eyes was covered with blood. He spent two weeks in the hospital. When my mom finished narrating the ordeal to me I told of her the experience I had in the morning when I was going to school. She said it was revelation from God to me that something was going wrong somewhere and that at the time I was having those experience that was when the incident was happening because she told me the time she got the call.  I told my mom the affirmations that were popping out of my mouth. She told me that God put those affirmations in my mouth to ward-off the ugly thing that would have happened.

We were filled with gratitude and joy for Festus safety and recovery. Though it was a very serious injury; he recovered miraculously and no further referral for medical treatment was made. He spent up to two weeks in the hospital. This was actually a powerful telepathic experience. It is an event I can never forget in a hurry.

Feel free to share with me any telepathic experience you have had.



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