Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird

Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird is a children’s book, published by Christian Faith Publishing, Pennsylvania; USA. Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird was nominated for the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards. (Side note: I will share the story of how my book got the nomination; keep reading). I love children; hence I purposely wrote this book for the children out there in the world! As a matter of fact, adult and parents can learn something too from Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird.

About Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird

Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird is an exquisite book about Cindy and her loving moments with Amy, her pet bird. This is a story of the intimacy and challenges of a little girl called Cindy and her beautiful songbird, Amy. Cindy’s bird, Amy, affected her positively. It shows how children can be attached with pets once a cordial relationship has been formed. In this story, Cindy showed us that children can have unwavering faith, even if it seemed goofy, unrealistic, and an illusion! Despite all odds about the whereabouts of Cindy’s bird, she kept believing and having faith.

I love children and I believe they are our hope for a better tomorrow, take good care of them and bring them up in the way they should go. —Kingsley Osajie

Children are like wet floors, anything that falls on them leaves an imprint.

—Kingsley Osajie

Every child on earth will love to be a superstar, every boy and girl will love to make it big…hold on to your dreams. —Brenda Fassie

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way; show them all the beauty they possess inside. —Whitney Houston

“I created a girl child Cindy—who had a beautiful bird called Amy and a brother whose name is Quimby. Cindy, a tender jolly girl whose unquenchable faith in the loss of her bird is remarkable and the relationship between Cindy and her bird is truly refreshing. Cindy and Quimby are my brainchildren. Yes, I love children.” —Kingsley Osajie

There are lots of moral lessons for children to learn from in Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird. It can be used as a bedtime story for children and I can assure you that every child out there will certainly enjoy reading it.

Nomination of Cindy And Her Beautiful for 2020 Readers’ Choice Award

When I began writing Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird I did not set the intention for it to be nominated for the Readers’ Choice Awards. But even as it is nominated it does not make me feel proud and I am certainly not proud of it. After all, it is just a nomination.

In 2011; I published my first book. On my way home from my publishers’ house I was in the car; I picked a newspaper to read and the next thing I saw on the second page was the news of 25 years old Serbian girl who won the Orange Prize for Fiction. Her name is Tea Obreht and the title of her book is Tiger’s Wife. I looked at Tea Obreht holding her Orange Prize Award and I marveled. On top of that, she was going home with £30,000! That was something illustrious, enviable and highly remarkable!

I wrote Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird in 2013 when I was in College. It took me this long to have it published because of the challenges I had (I will share my journey to becoming a published author in my next post). In 2020, Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird was officially born. It was no longer a manuscript; it became a published book. I felt happy seeing it published and holding it as a published book. Now, let me share with you how the nomination for the Readers’ Choice Awards began.

The Universe and the Cosmic Forces are always listening to us. This life is really wonder-full…so on this very fateful day; I was reading about this American singer Chanté Moore. What led me to reading about her was her song I See You In A Different Light featuring JoJo Hailey. (side note: I really love this song; especially where Chante Moore said “When did your kisses get so sweet baby…”). I never knew of this song until I watched a sweet-loving video it was used as a background music. Good, Good Loving! I tell ya!! (LMFAO).

After reading through her Wikipedia I noticed that she had more nominations than ACTUAL Awards. I was like, “damn! Please! Don’t give me any nominations! To hell with nominations! In fact, I refuse to have nominations. What are my doing with nominations? Give me the award. Not nominations.” This was how I said it sarcastically; I was just saying it after reading her Wikipedia. So I continued to make these comments sarcastically. I never knew that what I was refusing would come to me.

Like I said before, the nomination of Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird HUMBLED ME!  It is just a nomination not an actual award. It was a lesson for me that I was not in control. After making those sarcastic comments about the nominations of Chante Moore songs; I went about my day’s activities. Within one month, my book was nominated for Readers Choice Awards.

When I read the congratulatory message from the company I was dumbfounded. At that moment everything I said about Chante Moore started resurfacing. If it was to be a movie; we would see the flashback…and I had a flashback in my own case. I felt so TIRED! Because I did not expect it and the nomination I rejected sarcastically came to me. So it is really a lesson for me.

I was interviewed by Chanel Hardy; founder of Hardy Publications. Read my Author Spotlight Interview of my book Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird

Here are the links to purchase my book:;jsessionid=B2203643A8EEA3D9817F1F8C5E16BF67.prodny_store01-atgap10?ean=9781098011222

The Youtube Video of Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird trailer

Reviews for Cindy And Her Beautiful Bird

“This book is a really great book for children. Unlike other books which show us the children happy and playful. It showed that Cindy had an unwavering faith in the quest to find her little bird who went missing. It’s easy to read and short. It was a wonderful read.”  Yinka Odufote, Nigeria

“My son and I read this book. As we read it, he really enjoyed the imagery. He tried to guess what was next, enjoying the surprise as well as how happy the bird made her. From my point of view, it was charming to read about her story. It’s refreshing to encompass the child’s nature so accurately. My son was just as charmed as I was at the cute story and the descriptions were vivid. Wonderful read! I look forward to reading more by this author!” Camille De Mott, USA

“The love for pets.”

“Cindy and her beautiful bird” is certainly a book to remember. It emulates and emphasizes the relationship and connection that can be established between children and pets.” Mariam Owoade, Nigeria


Published by Kingsley Osajie

My name is Kingsley Osajie, I am the Author of the children's book Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird. I am a talented, prolific, astounding, heart-based and influential writer. I write in all genres. I am determined to use my Blog to share my opinions, knowledge and inspire the World; also raising the Consciousness of Humanity to a Higher Dimension. I am from Delta State, Nigeria. I love Writing, meeting like-minded people, spending time in Nature and anything which promotes Positive Vibes and Positive Energies. Anything that sets the tone for a Positive Life Momentum is my Hobby. I also believe in Compassion. I am of the thought that we create our own reality and we can change the narrative of our Reality and Lives. So feel free to surf my blog and yes, let's labrish! XoXo and Namaste!

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