Knowing And Befriending The Universe

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Much as the Universe LOVES us, we must understand the characters of the Universe. Everything in this life has likes and dislikes. That is where Ying and Yang comes in. if you have a friend, you must know his likes and dislikes. This is inevitable—I think I will call this Universal Law of Understanding. 

Now, to really step into your own power and live in your magical and Divine Self; manifest your dreams and sprout the life you love; you must know that there are thing which the Universe does not love—I mean the things Universe forbids. In truth, the Universe forbids fear, hate, pride, ungratefulness, scarcity, hurry, poverty, suffering, failure, stagnation, impossibility, penury, sickness, backwardness, groveling, desperation, worry, attachment, greed, war, inferiority complex, jealousy, suicide, stealing, self-sabotage, negativity. These are all negative energies and lower vibrational consciousness! When allowed to manifest, they do not create a good reality—reality of them do not help to raise the consciousness of mankind and it does not harmonize with the way Universe work. Put simply, these mentioned negative energies are ANTI-UNIVERSE! If you are against Universe, there is no success for you.

The Universe works in a progressive pattern; not retrogression—that is why we cannot go back to yesterday; our days has always been dawning forward not backward. For example, if today is Monday, you cannot say let us go back to Sunday. However, there are thing Universe does love. They are: love, faith, success, gratitude, progress, wisdom, mindfulness, happiness, light, wealth/abundance, good health, kindness, impartiality, unity, peace, possibilities, levity, detachment, ease, effortlessness, braveness, miracles, etc. These are positive energies and higher vibrational consciousness. And they are harmonious with the Universe. They are the ingredients that are helping to keep the existence of the Universe; without them there will be no life!

Angels (of light and love) are epitome of these energies. These energies are their forte and hallmarks. Negative entities and demons are of lower energies and vibrations. You do not have to fear them. Dispel them! You can do it with the right knowledge and support. We hear of the operations of dark forces manipulating and causing chaos…but demons have power and cause havoc…you may wonder. Yes, they do but you know what? There is a Parameter! The powers of the dark realms are always vibrating in lower energies—I mean lower vibrational powers.

“You need to know and master yourself in order to command Spirits and communicate with Gods. Otherwise they won’t respect you and cooperate with you.” Pavol Malenky

By Parameter, I mean that there are Higher Powers (of Light and Love) which can check the operations of the negative entities and condemn it. Ultimately nullifying and fizzling it out. Remember, anything that is not in harmony with the Universe is of a lower vibration because their manifestations do not support life and are not of the highest good of all. Against the power of light there can be no victory. Sometimes lower energies and vibrations are directed from one person to another (with a malicious intention and we can also pick them into our selves consciously or unconsciously depending on the environment we are and the people we are associating with (I covered this point in detail in my Law of Attraction book).

This 3D has walls. Invisible fence–it comes in form of invisible Waves of frequencies, Vibration and auras working as beliefs, thoughts, feelings and all the subliminal brouhaha….so whenever you are experiencing some lower energies and vibrations; just know that one or some of those invisible lower vibrations are swirling around you. It is your job to fortify yourself and become impenetrable for dark energies. This doesn’t mean you are going to be peachy keen all the time…we are living in a Lower Realm (that’s 3D).

Everything is energy. The Universe works with emotions as well. If you are in a state of self-pity, shame, fear, feelings of unworthiness, confusion and doubts. The Universe/Spirit Guides will be aloof a kind of because they can work in this kind of vortex. They are powerless places composed of Lower Vibrations. Though miracles happens too–because some of my biggest wins came to me when I doubted and consumed with fear.

Nevertheless, be SASSY and POSITIVELY REBELLIOUS that’s how to win in this Earth game we have come to play. Not easy though. And be STUBBORN enough to place your order to the Universe without fear or fervour. Have you read what is written in the book of II Timothy 1:6-7? If you are not familiar with it; here is what it says: “For this very cause I remind you to stirrup like a fire the gift of God which is in you…for God gave us not a spirit of cowardice, but that of power and of love and of soundness of mind.”

Now, one thing you must remember is that for you to be able to befriend the Universe you must understand that clarity unlocks magic. Be fearless and sassy enough to ask for whatever it is you desire from the Universe! Pavol Malenky has said it well, “You need to know and master yourself in order to command Spirits and communicate with Gods. Otherwise they won’t respect you and cooperate with you.”


Published by Kingsley Osajie

My name is Kingsley Osajie, I am the Author of the children's book Cindy and Her Beautiful Bird. I am a talented, prolific, astounding, heart-based and influential writer. I write in all genres. I am determined to use my Blog to share my opinions, knowledge and inspire the World; also raising the Consciousness of Humanity to a Higher Dimension. I am from Delta State, Nigeria. I love Writing, meeting like-minded people, spending time in Nature and anything which promotes Positive Vibes and Positive Energies. Anything that sets the tone for a Positive Life Momentum is my Hobby. I also believe in Compassion. I am of the thought that we create our own reality and we can change the narrative of our Reality and Lives. So feel free to surf my blog and yes, let's labrish! XoXo and Namaste!

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