Detachment is POWER

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Have you ever set an intention to manifest something and then you begin to feel the need to have it manifest quicker and faster into your reality or getting worried about how your set goals will be manifested? I think everyone is guilty of that (including me! LoL). In my own personal journey of manifesting, spiritual awakening and personal development; I have grown to learn that when you get attached to something; you get yourself entangled in a vortex of defeat. But I did not get the understanding easily just like that. I made mistakes and saw for myself that attachment is a negative energy. “Desperation, neediness and attachment are repellant energies.” So said Jeannette Maw (the Good Vibe Coach)

Now let us see the difference between attachment and detachment. When I first read the Buddha talk about attachment as the root of suffering; I was like “what is this one talking about.” At that time I have not understand the meaning of what Buddha said about attachment; later on when I understood what the Buddha was saying about attachment I came to appreciate Buddha well. My love for Buddha soared!! Suffice to say that I fell in love with the Buddha! And to seal and show that love; I made a frame of Buddha in a picture and hang it on the wall in my room—with the statement about attachment.

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Whether you believe it or not; detachment is power. I have been in those two spaces and I know which better (detachment) is. When you embrace detachment; you are handing over everything to the Universe—with faith. But when get attached to something/person etc you create suffering and stagnation for yourself because you give your power away: as you will be living in fear, anxiety, desperation and worry. Attachment is really feudal! Because you will be resisting the Universe—and that leads to self-sabotage! I used to be a person who is TOO attached to things but I have outgrown that reality because attachment worsens situation. I have learnt my lessons though. It was not a smooth outgrowing. That is not to say I do not flop on it; but not like I was before.

“The root of suffering is attachment.” Buddha

Further Explanation on Attachment

Attachment makes you to try to control and know how everything will unfold. This is like fighting a losing battle. You NEVER win! Fear, powerlessness, anxiety, desperation and neediness are the hallmarks of attachment (equals to suffering). Your DUTY is to trust and not to know how everything will unfold; believing that everything will work out fine. To quote the eloquent words of Tania Kotsos: “When you make a request to the Universe, it is not your responsibility to know how your dream will manifest. Trying to know how is telling the Universe that you know better.” Unfortunately, you CANNOT know better than the All-Knowing Universe.

When Debbianne DeRose (aka Woo-Woo Debbi) told me to handle everything with LEVITY; I did not quite understand it. But I came to realize that it was TRUE! Levity is the best way to go about things because like Doris Day said “Que Sera Sera.” Think about it, you CANNOT trade or compare the mental stress, restlessness, anxiety, sickness, depression, sorrow etc that comes with attachment to the peace of mind, joy, good health, happiness, freedom and bliss that comes with detachment.

It takes some level of spiritual muscles and higher consciousness to master detachment. It is easier said done right? Anyway, I encourage you to chill out and TRUST that the Universe is “taking care” of everything for YOU! And also remember this wise words form Sarah Prout: “Manifestation unfolds in PERFECT Divine Timing. Everything is in God’s clock.”

To conclude this article, I thought I would leave you with these two quotes to ponder on.

“We know that our willpower is a powerful force, and we find it hard to believe that there may be other (sometimes greater) energies at play in determining the outcomes of our lives. The idea that we may sometimes be called to surrender our own will to a greater force (or at least loosen our grip on the reigns of control), can conflict with what we believe to be the measure of an empowered person” Jessi Kohlhagen

“Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined.” Deepak Chopra

You’ve got this!



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