Who Are Earth Angels, Healers, Lightworkers and Starseeds?

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If you have experienced spiritual awakening or is experiencing spiritual awakening; you will come across such terms as the one that makes up the title of this blogpost. And of a TRUTH; there are people who are Healers, Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Starseeds. Everyone is on a mission in this planet earth. Some people are working for the ascension of humanity into a higher dimension; while others are doing contrary.

For me personally, I have been blessed to come across Healers and Earth Angels who have TRULY and are still TRULY contributing to my growth, success and development. Indeed, there are people who are emissaries of Light.

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Thanks in part to Steve Anhael Nobel; whom I got this information from in his book titled Starseeds. The book is so profound I thought to share from it; as I have always wanted to write about this topic. Then the Universe led me to come across it. Steve’s book (Starseed) has been and is actually an integral part of me being able to write this post.

So, without further ado, below you are going to find out who Earth Angels, Healers, Lightworkers and Starseeds are.

1. Lightworkers and Healers: These are the people interested in ascension and enlightenment practises such as connecting with the HS, angels and guides. They are into channelling, awakening the lightbody, DNA activation and connecting with the Planetary Grids and the Cosmic Christ. They are interested in various forms of energy healing such as Angelic Reiki and they can be found hanging out around most spiritual meetup groups and busy centres of spiritual learning.

Source: Steve Anhael Nobel

2. Earthworkers and Bodyworkers: These groups are into sacred sites, leylines, permaculture and earth healing in a big way. They are often into communities and living offgrid. You can find many at the various summer festivals letting their hair down with drumming, dancing and various creative pursuits. You may find these travelling around different communities checking out how others are living closer to the land. Another subgroup are into working magically with nature spirits and elementals. In this group are those working with the body bodyworkers, dancers and martial artists.

3. System Busters: These are the ones that go into a system to eventually break ranks and reveal some of the hidden ways of that system. This is a challenging role since many get prosecuted and even imprisoned. Yet this is a very effective

way to bring about meaningful change especially with the huge impact of the internet and social media. A few examples of Starseed whilstleblowers are: Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Edward Snowden (NSA) and Corey Goode (US Military Secret Space Program).

4. Technical Innovators: There are many Starseeds coming in now whose focus is scientific advancement and technical innovation. An example of a Starseed who had this focus is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a visionary and a creative genuis and he left behind a legacy that changed the computer, music, film and wireless industries. There are many more souls of his calibre incarnating now and further along the 5D timeline. As we move further along this higher frequency timeline there will be an acceleration of our ability to access higher forms of technology. This will effect the way we live on earth forever. Starseeds have already shifted areas such as communications and many are interested in developing free energy technology. Already we are living in a global Village where we can all connect if we have access to the internet. There is much work that needs to be done to clean up the planet. As we go further into 5D we will find ways to bring our need for technological development together with building a safe and sustainable planet.

5. Dark Arts Practitioners: This is a rather specialised group and its main purpose is to neutralise and redeem the ‘dark’ forces on the planet. The dark is comprised of those souls who have volunteered to play for the side hindering and blocking spiritual awakening.

6. Soul Awakeners: There have been many who have come here to awaken us from our slumber of 3D living. Many great spiritual teachers such as The Buddha and The Christ were Starseeds of a very high vibration. Starseeds in this group include artists and musicians. Advance guard members of this group include the composer Motzart and the painter Chagall. More contemporary Starseeds include musicians David Bowie, John Lennon, George Harrison and Bob Marley who have opened many up of us to a new way of living and loving. Many soul awakeners are parents of Starseeds who are guiding these new souls as they grow in light and wisdom. There are many spiritual teachers on the planet now who are here to wake up Starseeds to their true multidimensional potential.

Source: Steve Anhael Nobel

This work only begins once the Starseed has awoken and integrated the high frequencies of this process in their energy fields. This is not a mission that can be rushed.


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