Bring A Beautiful Soul to Canada!

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Our environment we live in has a big role in the shaping of our destiny and living our dreams. The role environment plays in our lives cannot be ignored! Even scientists and psychologists have realized that phenotypic factor which is about the physical environment plays a MAJOR role in our growth and development. You cannot become successful when you are living in an unhelpful environment neither can your dreams manifest when you are in an unhelpful environment.

“There is no joy, passion or fulfillment to be found in living a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

An unhelpful creates a roadblock and obstacles for your dreams because the opportunities, atmosphere, people and platforms you need to succeed CANNOT be found in an unhelpful environment. When you are living in an unhelpful environment the only reality you can have is one of difficulties, hardships, suffering, stagnancy, poverty and limitations. Unhelpful makes you crawl, shrink, hidden—with all your dreams, talents and potentials locked and stifled!! And that is a really terrible reality to be in. In my previous post, I talked about environment in details. You can read about it in the hyperlinked text.

Aeroplane: google images
Aeroplane: Google images

I as an example, my current location (Nigeria) is and has been doing me a BIG DISSERVICE! Because Nigeria is an unhelpful environment to me; because of the corrupt government and system with the disharmonious environment—it makes me trapped and stagnated. That is why I am VERY passionate and determined to LEAVE Nigeria to Canada. Honestly, this is NOT life I am living in Nigeria at all!! Suffice to say that I am not in a positive life momentum. I believe that moving to Canada will pave the way for me to sprout the ideal life I deserve—one which is harmonious with my dreams and destiny; because as Nelson Mandela so eloquently puts it: “there is no joy, passion or fulfillment to be found in living a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” This statement of Nelson Mandela holds TRUTH for me.

Truth be told, I have so much to offer the world but my current location has proven to be a barrier and limitations to me as all my dreams and potentials are stifled!! Canada is a country that is ideal for me where I can thrive, flourish and soar—hence becoming the Luminary I am meant to be and I can assure you that my coming to Canada is a BIG PLUS to Canada; trust me—I kid you not!! Because I am a bunch of talent and potentials that have not been discovered! I know the stuff I am made of. I am very correct to describe myself as visionary, innovative, talented, brilliant, smart, disciplined, trustworthy, intuitive, influential, inspiring, intrepid and creative.

For me to be able to start my journey of moving out of Nigeria to Canada; a dear friend and mentor of mine (Tricia Schinkel) have set up GoFundMe Campaign for me. Please kindly donate to my GoFundMe as I am will be very grateful for every dollar that will be donated to my GoFundMe. It is my determination to give back to the society once I get to Canada; because Canada is a place where I can sprout the life of my dream and a life that I deserve to live!

If you have any questions and further enquiries please contact Tricia Schinkel as she is the one organizing my GoFundMe; the link to my GoFundMe is below.

GoFundMe for Kingsley Osajie: organized by Tricia Schinkel

Thank you all for your kind donations. My family and I are indeed grateful

With deepest gratitude

Kingsley Osajie  


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