Marginalization in Nigeria

Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 there has been the issue of marginalization. In fact, marginalization has eaten deep into every aspect of Nigeria‚Äôs economy!! I was honourably invited by journalist Pius Awunah to talk about the issue of marginalization in Nigeria which have been bedeviling Nigeria since inception in KAFTAN TV Station Abuja.Continue reading “Marginalization in Nigeria”

I Am an African of a Different Breed

One thing I have noticed about Africans is that altruism is VERY RARE among Africans. Altruism is a culture that has not been well embraced Africans. Africans do not help each other; instead they will seek to bring you down. That is the mentality and character of many Africans. I am an African man; butContinue reading I Am an African of a Different Breed