Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!

If I have to do it again, I will still choose Abuja. I have been hearing about Lagos…but to be honest, Lagos has been overrated…the noise, overpopulation, pollution and other things. Abuja is serene and organized. At least in Abuja drivers will slow down for you to cross or signal you with their hands toContinue reading “Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!”

Marginalization in Nigeria

Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 there has been the issue of marginalization. In fact, marginalization has eaten deep into every aspect of Nigeria’s economy!! I was honourably invited by journalist Pius Awunah to talk about the issue of marginalization in Nigeria which have been bedeviling Nigeria since inception in KAFTAN TV Station Abuja.Continue reading “Marginalization in Nigeria”

Traditional Nigerian Religion

Religion in various forms is very strong in Nigeria. In other words, Nigerian people are VERY religious. Most Nigerians believe that there is an unseen supernatural world apart from the natural physical world. This other world is inhabited by beings who are the source of our knowledge of good and evil. They watch and judgeContinue reading “Traditional Nigerian Religion”

How BAD Nigeria has BECOME!!!

That tiny yellow map written Delta is my state. That is where I am typing this blog from and that is my state of origin. When I was in high school to my early years in college, Nigeria had a very good reputation. For some time now, Nigeria has occupied a frontline as a notorious,Continue reading “How BAD Nigeria has BECOME!!!”

Ozuu: A Nourishing Natural Wine from Nigeria

I can still remember how my father used to go to the farm and get this beautiful naturally flavoured wine. In English it is called Palm Wine. Palm Wine is gotten from Palm trees. This wine can be gotten from short and tall palm trees. I was raised in the village; I used to accompanyContinue reading “Ozuu: A Nourishing Natural Wine from Nigeria”

The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)

It is fully well known that Christianity is a foreign culture. Christianity never existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans. It was during the colonial era that the Europeans brought in the Christian religion to Africa. Today Africa is predominantly a Continent known for being a Christendom. Suffice to say that Africa hasContinue reading “The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)”