The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)

It is fully well known that Christianity is a foreign culture. Christianity never existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans. It was during the colonial era that the Europeans brought in the Christian religion to Africa. Today Africa is predominantly a Continent known for being a Christendom. Suffice to say that Africa has the highest number of Churches. But when it comes to economic development, industries high GDP, high export rate; Africa has very little or nothing to be placed alongside other countries.

Have you also noticed that Africa has the MOST RELIGIOUS leaders in the world? Oh, don’t even get me started with the religious Africans!! The most religious people in the world are Africans!!! Let me give you an example. I will use Nigeria as a case study as it is the most populous Black country in the world and parades itself as the “Giant of Africa”.  You might want to wonder; Giant of Africa….yes. BUT…the Truth is: Giant in what sense? Giant in what way?

The Simple and Honest Answer about Nigeria being the Giant of Africa:

Giant in corruption, Giant in bad leadership Giant in poverty, Giant in backwardness, Giant in embezzlement, looting of public funds, Giant in visionless, gullible, groveling, Inferiority Complex-coated leaders, Giant in  mentally enslaved leaders. Giant in hate amongst themselves, Giant in producing nothing, Giant in importing foods, matches box, razor, pin, biro, fuel, eraser, pencil and everything you can think of. Giant in owing doctors and teachers salaries, Giant in high rate of unemployment, Giant in blackouts, Giant of a lawless country, Giant of a country that is very notorious in the international community, Giant of hypocrisy, Giant in valuing cows more than human beings. Nigeria occupies a Frontline in the list of most corrupt countries in the world and the least in developed countries.

In Nigeria, after voting and elections. The elected politicians go to Church to give “Thanksgiving” to “God” for their “successful and victorious” election. Now, one would ask, since the Nigerian leaders are VERY religious. Why cannot they lead according to the teachings of the Bible? If you notice, you will see countries that are mostly Atheistic; being more developed than Nigeria. The question is why is it like this? The countries where Bible and Church are paraded are lacking behind!!! The countries where there is very little or no believe in God, Bible and Church are doing very well and being the epitome of an ideal way of living. What is the cause of this? I have addressed the reason for this in my previous post.

The Bible, Church and Religion has been well ABUSED in Africa and Nigeria. I am a Nigerian so I’m writing from actual experiences. Religion has become a form of brainwashing, colonialism and discord. Religion has destroyed many marriages. It does not stop there. Religion is now putting boundaries and disunity among family members. People now worship “Pastors” AKA “Men of God.” For example, the Deeper Life Church has always condemned electronic equipment, jewelries and fashion as evil and “Worldly”. But today they are using the internet to broadcast their Gospel. They also use social media and electronic equipment to print and distribute their magazines. Do you think this kind of Church is actually authentic?

Source: Facebook

It is SO sad that Churches now focus on money, money, money. Prosperity Gospel. Instead of teaching members about personal development, enlightenment, spiritual formulas and befriending their Higher Selves, Angels and the Universe! Don’t even get me started with the “Man of God” who is under investigation for preaching about miracle bank alert. The same man of God in question has been scolded and cautioned by his fellow Man of God about his miracle money harvest and behaviours.

Who is this man of God in question? He is no other person than Apostle Johnson Suleman. He was the man of God who said that COVID19 should not end in the year 2020 during the COVID lockdown. In my previous post I have also talked about the fact that religion is another way for colonizing and brainwashing people . It sounds so harsh and cray but it is a very bitter truth!!! I also shared an experience of what a Woman of God said to someone who came to her church.

In my next blogpost I shall share with you a life story about another ABUSE of church and religion.



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2 thoughts on “The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)

  1. “Religion is just show business begotten by the megalomania of its ruling class and created to fleece money from a crowd of stupid (m)asses.”

    “Well, why stupid?”

    “Because these people become very limited in their knowledge. It is constantly being drummed into their heads that they should listen only to the speeches of their religious leaders, they should read only their literature and stick only to their herd, because all other religions are wrong.”

    Sensei I A conversation of Sensei and his students
    (Sensei I, The Primordial of Shambala)

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