An Eye That Sees Everything!

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Most times I cannot help but wonder and get dumbfounded by the infinite wisdom of God. God is INDEED an all-knowing God; Master Planner and the ONE who sees everything. No wonder the proverb nothing is hidden under the sun. This story I want to share with you is an actual story that happened! It happened to my (half) brother. Sometimes when I remember it I cannot help but shrug my shoulders in wonder!! My (half) brother is an automobile mechanic and his name is Festus. This story happened in his automobile mechanic workshop in 2020.

Now I want you to sit back, relax and read through how God demonstrated his INFINITE WISDOM. This experience has always left me DUMBFOUNDED with AWE!!!

On this fateful day, Festus customer who sells red oil (palm oil is gotten from palm trees) brought his vehicle to Festus workshop to repair. This customer has a porter (someone who helps in offloading goods to and from the vehicle. In Nigeria, we call them Motor Boy). The man has already loaded his vehicle with gallons of red oil heading to the Northern Nigeria when his vehicle developed a fault. So he had to drive down to Festus workshop to repair it. According to Festus; the fault in the vehicle was much that he could not finish working on it that day but promised to finish working on it the next day.

Festus customer and his Motor Boy were well aware that there were 30 gallons of 25 litres of red oil loaded in the booth. Having discussed with Festus; he left. Close to Festus workshop is a house; occupied by a woman and her little children.

On that fateful day; the woman who live close to Festus workshop washed clothes and hanged them outside. She instructed her children to hang out the clothes once it was evening. The children played all through the day and eventually they hung out the clothes their mother had instructed them to hang out. But something happened…

Their mother came back and they were inside. Their mother came back at night. She was checking the clothes her children hung out from the hanger outside when she noticed that her children had forgotten to hang out other clothes.  She realized at once that the clothes in the house were not complete—some clothes were missing! It was a moony night but she took torch light to enable her see the place the clothes were hung outside. Upon getting outside she saw someone. Moved with curiosity she greeted the person. It was Festus customer’s Motor Boy! He was carrying a 25 litre of oil (he was stealing it actually because he was carrying from the booth of the vehicle to a close bush around Festus workshop). He and the woman greeted and the woman asked him what he was doing in the workshop by this time of the day and where he was carrying the 25 litre gallon to. To this, the Motor Boy gave a very flimsy excuse.

Festus completed working the vehicle the next day. Meanwhile, the customer had already asked Festus if his workshop was secured and Festus told him yes that his workshop was secured. So the customer was at ease knowing full well that his goods were going to be safe and complete. But for some reason the man decided to check his goods to see if the goods he loaded inside were complete. He unlocked the booth of the vehicle and checked to see if the goods were complete; suddenly he noticed that one gallon was missing.

He was interrogating Festus about the missing gallon of oil. Festus told him that he was not aware if any gallon of oil was missing. The Motor Boy had a spare key of the booth of the vehicle as well. That morning, the customer came to Festus workshop with his Motor Boy. The customer had already asked his Motor Boy about the missing gallon of oil to which he said he does not know what happened. He even swear to God that he was not aware of the missing gallon. Then the customer became very furious with Festus and raised his voice.

With the uproar, it attracted the attention of the woman living very close to Festus workshop. She asked what the bone of contention was; then the customer explained everything to her. She was very surprised and asked the Motor Boy, “Were you not the one I saw last night carrying 25 litre gallon and I asked you what you were doing in the workshop at night”? The Motor Boy was dumbfounded. He could not say a word and the customer who was his boss gave him a very hot slap because the customer was having suspicion on Festus on the missing gallon oil.

The Motor Boy began to plead for mercy and forgiveness. Then he went to the nearby bush were he hid the 25 litre gallon and brought it out. The customer did not take it easy, he called the Army to come and take him out of his sight. He was dragged out of Festus workshop shamefully. The customer and the woman apologized to Festus because accusing fingers were almost being pointed to him if not for God who arranged events to expose the thief Motor Boy! On top of that, the customer sacked him from being his Motor Boy.

When Festus shared this story with us, my mom screamed with excitement and gratitude. We were all surprised! So you see, it does not matter what we do; there is always an eye that will see it even when other people cannot see us. You see how God arranged events to disgrace the thief Motor Boy! I believe in Invisible Forces and Higher Power.

In my next post, I am going to share with you a very powerful telepathic experience I had.

Until then, stay empowered, enlightened and get into cahoots with your Angels, Cosmic Forces, Guan Yin, God, Goddess, your Higher Self and your Fairy-Elfin-Friends!

Kingsley loves you all-round!


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