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This Earth we live in is a sea of energy!! Earth—though appears to be a physical realm; but trust me Earth is a realm that has both the physical and spiritual energies in it. Like Zoroaster correctly said “There is one God and a continuous struggle between the forces light and darkness.” When I was a Jehovah’s Witness, we were taught not to believe in some spiritual acts which happen to humans or caused by humans: even if you want to call it witchcraft, spell, hexes, jinxes, black magic. During my time as a Jehovah’s Witness, I subliminally knew that life is beyond the physical and that there is more than meet the eyes…!

I was in a spiritual gathering some time ago when a young man shared an experience of what HAPPENED to him. It is SO OVERWHELMING and decided not to keep it to myself but to share with you a very touching story that happened to a young man. To protect his identity and privacy, I will call him Samson in this article (even if it not his real name).

One Sunday morning in the spiritual gathering I was in with my friend. During the activities; a young handsome guy came forward to share what happened him. Samson came forward and introduced himself. He was living in Germany and doing well in Germany. As we are living in a modern and digital world; there are many ways to meet people especially on the internet. Samson is a young guy who was ready to be in a relationship and get married. According to him, he met a girl online and they started chatting. They were chatting while he was in Germany. Until “SOMETHING” happened!

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Samson said he has been in Nigeria for the past two years and “forgot” to go back to Germany. Now, the question is why would someone who is living abroad; visited Nigeria and then forget to go back to Germany? Something should be amiss somewhere—do not you think so? As Samson shared his story everyone was listening with a rapt attention; including me! And then Samson dropped the breaking news….his forgetting to back to Germany was caused by a spelled he was under its influence!!!!

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The girl Samson was dating went to a Babalawo (Shaman) and cast a spell on Samson to not remember to go back to Germany. According to Samson, his intention was to come to Nigeria, spend some time with the girl, go back to Germany and then come back and wed the girl and take her to Germany. But something happened—according to him; he was spending on the girl and her family; even footing the bills of the girl’s university school fees. He continued this way for complete two years—he said one day he was lying on the bed when he felt like scales were out of his eyes and that he regained his sense/consciousness! He asked me himself subliminally “What are my still doing in Nigeria”? He checked the calendar and realized that he has been in Nigeria for two years forgetting his job and residence in Germany!! With synchronicity, he came across a prophet who revealed to him that he was under a spell that is why he has not gone back to Germany.

It was revealed to Samson that the girl he was dating took his picture to a shaman who broke many eggs on his (Samson) head and tied him spiritually so that he would not go back to Germany and to always do the bidding of the girl he was dating! The prophet instructed Samson to go on a one week fasting and prayer so that the spell can be broken; having heard this Samson was shocked and overwhelmed; he had no choice than to obey the prophet’s instruction. Later on, he met the girl and jokingly decided to check her phone; behold! There were the pictures of the witchcraft activities and spell that was worked on Samson! He could not believe his eyes and that was the end of the relationship.

After the service, Samson was prayed for and counseled. According to him, he said he felt inspired to come and join us in the spiritual gathering. When he finished sharing his experience with us, he told us that he went to the German embassy in Nigeria to sort out his travelling schedules; that his travelling documents were all ready. Samson went back to Germany the following week.

Praise God!!

One thing I know for sure is that; no matter how strong and powerful a black magic/witchcraft activities or demonic forces may seem to be. Against the power of Light there can be n victory!

Light will always conquers darkness


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