An Unscriptural Doctrine of the Catholic Church That MUST Be Stopped!!

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To be honest, I have always wanted to write about this. Frankly speaking, it was in my bucket list just that I have been busy with other stuffs. Once I read the newsheadline about Reinhard Marx speaking about it I knew it was a reminder to join force with him to also speak against this unscriptural practices and doctrine of the Catholic Church!!

The Catholic Church seems to attempt being altruistic and compassionate BUT all the same they have MISSED IT for a very long time. And it is only pertinent that they change this unscriptural practice because it is baseless, unscriptural and enslaving. What is this unscriptural practice of the Catholic Church? Celibacy; serving God should and is not required to make you a barren. In the same Bible we have been told to go into the world and multiply. If ever someone wants to serve God as a celibate that should be something that comes from the person’s willingness—just the person’s volition!! But making it a compulsory requirement is unscriptural.

We have heard and seen cases were Catholic Priests are been found in the act of fornication and abuse of children sexually (pedophile) all of which are born out of the enslavement they are in. How about the so-called Reverend Sisters; they are not left out as they are still involved all manners of sexual activities. I used to teach in a Catholic School; the so-called Reverend Sisters are NOTHING to write home about as it is very obvious that they are not virgins. Even if they claim to be emulating the footsteps of Holy Mother Mary; but their lifestyle and character is NEVER in harmony with the example of Holy Mother Mary.

There are Rev. Fathers and Catholic Priests who have children, wife and girlfriends secretly. This is not something that is supposed to done in a hidden way; but because of the religious bondage they are in, they have to play “hide-and-seek.” Let us say the truth: is that allowed? Was it supposed to be so? Even the Jesus Christ they are emulating did not put a law that one must be a celibate to follow him.  Mary gave birth to other children apart from Jesus Christ!

Sex is part of human existence. I have always said it and will keep saying it: religion is another form of colonialism and brainwashing—that is why I left religion years and I could not have made a better choice!

I also want to thank Reinhard Marx for speaking up on this unscriptural doctrine of the Catholic Church. I strongly believe that Reinhard Marx is making a ripple effect with such boldness of speaking the TRUTH! Also, I sincerely desire that other people even world leaders alongside other religious bodies, individuals and organizations should join hands to speak against THIS unscriptural practice of celibacy by the Catholic Church because it is UNSCRIPTURAL, ANATHEMA, inhuman and baseless. 

Below is what Reinhard Marx has said about this unscriptural practice of Celibacy by the Catholic Church. I consider Reinhard Marx a SAGE!!

Reinhard Marx: Punch Newspaper

German cardinal urges lifting celibacy requirement for priests

By Noah Banjo

A German Cardinal, Reinhard Marx, whose archdiocese was the subject of a recent damning report into child sex abuses, said Wednesday he was in favour of lifting the celibacy requirement for priests.

“For many priests, it would be better if they were married,” the influential archbishop of Munich and Freising told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

His comments came after a damning independent report last month found 497 victims of sexually abusive behaviour by 235 people — including 173 priests — in the Munich and Freising archdiocese between 1945 and 2019.

The report by law firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl found that former Munich and Freising archbishop, ex-pope Benedict XVI, failed to take action to stop four priests accused of child sex abuse in Munich in the 1980s before he became pontiff.

It also accused current archbishop Marx of failing to act in two cases of suspected abuse. After the report was released, Marx said he was “shocked and ashamed” by the findings.

On Wednesday, Marx said he wondered if celibacy “should be a basic requirement for every priest”.

“I think that things, as they are, cannot continue like this,” he added.

“I always say this to young priests: living alone is not so easy.

“And if some say: without the obligation of celibacy, they will all get married! My answer is: so what! If they all marry, it would at least be a sign that things are not currently working.”

The unusually forthright comments on the subject came on the eve of a new assembly of the German synod, which is expected to move towards modernising the institution by 2023.

It is expected to look at several subjects viewed with suspicion by conservatives and the Vatican, such as allowing priests to marry and a greater role for women.

Last year Marx offered Pope Francis his resignation over the church’s “institutional and systemic failure” in its handling of child sex abuse scandals.

However, Pope Francis rejected his offer, urging the cardinal known for his reforms to stay and help shape change in the church. Four years ago a report found that at least 3,677 children had been sexually abused in the Catholic Church in Germany since 1946; but its authors, who did not have access to the church’s files, estimated that the true number was far higher.

Source: Punch News Nigeria


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