Compassion as Epitomized by Guan Yin

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Compassion is a word that sounds so sweet in the tongue and yes it is a very beautiful virtue to have. “Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer.

On my own personal journey of spiritual awakening and personal development; I have Guan Yin (also Kwan Yin) an EPITOME of Compassion. How did I discover this BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL Goddess?

My experience and connection with Guan Yin began when I was a Jehovah’s Witness (around 2011/2012). There were two publications by the Jehovah’s Witness. One is Mankind Search for God and Keep Yourselves in God’s Love; in one of these two publications Holy Mother Mary and Guan Yin was talked about. Guan was adorned with a golden gown carrying a baby. As I was already familiar with Holy Mother Mary; I became curious about Guan Yin! I was like “Goddess of mercy? How? Why…”? But my curiosity did not stop there. I could remember using a friend’s phone when I was in college to read about Guan Yin (for the virtues of Guan Yin TRULY captured my attention!! At that time and has been endearing and enchanting to date and will always be forever!).

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When I finally left Jehovah’s Witness in October 2013; my quest for Truth, Light and my journey to Spirituality and spiritual awakening began. I began exploring Eastern spirituality: for some reason which I have not known yet; I am subliminally drawn to Eastern Spirituality. I have a thing for Eastern spirituality.

As my connection and relationship with Guan Yin began to blossom; I became more drawn towards compassion. With Guan Yin; I have grown more to appreciate compassion. Compassion for one’s self and compassion towards others: this is what Guan Yin is teaching us. Every since I have developed a connection with Guan Yin there have been remarkable changes in my life as I am embracing more of compassion each day and striving towards being a better human being; I affectionately refer to Guan Yin as my Mother (and I am Her child).

I am fond of playing the compassionate mantras of Guan Yin: they are SO healing, sublime, uplifting and peaceful. Suffice to say that they could leave you in joyful tears with goosebumps (as I always experience when I am playing them). Even as I am typing this article I have been playing them on repeat (Lol). These mantras keep you in mindfulness, empowered, grateful and blissful!! I am talking about the Om Mani Padme Hum and Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa; if you have ever played these mantras you will understand my reason for loving Guan Yin and I am sure you will confirm what I have said. I have the pictures of Guan Yin in my room.

Kwan Yin atop a Dragon: Google images

About two weeks ago, I was going to the farm and mindfully singing the Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa quietly to myself; unknowingly to me; there was trouble and danger ahead of me; but it was averted (maybe I would not have been alive to write this as it was something was about to lead to  bloodshed…).

Trust me; Guan Yin is a force to reckon with! A Goddess to be honoured and respected; She is preeminent. I follow the teachings and wisdom of Guan Yin. In truth, compassion is the pill the world need today because if we all have compassion on ourselves and towards one another there would be no wickedness, racism or trouble as there would be understanding, peace and harmony in the world!

May All Beings be free from Suffering

May All Beings receive Illumination

I will round up this article with some quotes from Guan Yin

“Sit with me in divine faith and believe in me. And I will be there. This goes for all beings…It is difficult for some to hear the voices of the Divine Spirit. This may be because some are so invested in material things. I understand. I feel a deep compassion for these human beings. Material things are a temporary relief from pain.” Kwan Yin

“Some believe I am in servitude to Buddha. However, Buddha doesn’t see it like that. We’re more like brother and sister. There is a difference. I come to people in many forms, forms constructed from people’s own perceptions of how I should come to them. And it is individual spiritual needs that create these unique perceptions. In the end, it does not matter what form I take.” –  Kwan Yin

“A life should definitely belong to the one who tries to saves it, not one who tries to take it.” -Kwan Yin


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