Your Energy Is Your Responsibility

In my previous post, I shared some gems of wisdom from the amazing Sarah Prout and today here I bring you another inspiring post from Sarah Prout. It talks about Energy; when I finally came to grasp a complete understanding of the term Energy; I now agree that everything is Energy and your Energy isContinue reading “Your Energy Is Your Responsibility”

Traditional Nigerian Religion

Religion in various forms is very strong in Nigeria. In other words, Nigerian people are VERY religious. Most Nigerians believe that there is an unseen supernatural world apart from the natural physical world. This other world is inhabited by beings who are the source of our knowledge of good and evil. They watch and judgeContinue reading “Traditional Nigerian Religion”

An Unscriptural Doctrine of the Catholic Church That MUST Be Stopped!!

To be honest, I have always wanted to write about this. Frankly speaking, it was in my bucket list just that I have been busy with other stuffs. Once I read the newsheadline about Reinhard Marx speaking about it I knew it was a reminder to join force with him to also speak against thisContinue reading “An Unscriptural Doctrine of the Catholic Church That MUST Be Stopped!!”

“You Are Not My Church Member”

I was minding my business one Sunday afternoon when a neigbour told me “Kaycee I am amazed at what happened in the church today.” Curious, I asked “what happened”? (Side note: Kaycee is my nickname. In Nigeria, people whose names are Kingsley are called Kaycee/KC) And then she began to narrate the events: “Today, asContinue reading ““You Are Not My Church Member””