According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Mother Tongue is “the language that your first learned to speak when you are a child.” I would want to say that mother-tongue does not necessarily mean the language of your mother. Rather, it represents the language of your father and mother. But everyone is considered as aContinue reading “WHAT HAPPENED TO MOTHER TONGUE?”

How Do Married Couples Show Fidelity When They Are Living Apart?

Nowadays, infidelity is on the HIGH….I will agree with Cyndi Lauper when she said in her song Time After Time…”there is nothing new….” Right from the ancient times there have been issues of infidelities in marriages. Often times we see and hear about unfaithfulness in Marriages. Yes, many Marriages failed due to infidelity on theContinue reading “How Do Married Couples Show Fidelity When They Are Living Apart?”