The Repented Armed Robber

I will tell you one story which happened long time ago as a thief and killer who met a wise man completely changed his life and became a great man. It happened in a village in the East African country of Kenya. Once upon a time there lived a robber who robbed people and killedContinue reading “The Repented Armed Robber”

Desperate Water Situation

Water is a very important element. Nothing can survive without water. A Legendary Nigerian singer; Fela Anikulapo Kuti said it that “Water no get enemy.” It means that that water has no enemy. And think about it; what can you do without water? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Even the Native Americans of the Lakota people has saidContinue reading “Desperate Water Situation”

An Encounter with Mr. Palaver

His real name is Jegede; you will have to find out why he is called Mr. Palaver. To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, Mr. Palaver is taking his wife out to dinner in a Smart Restaurant. Here is what happened in the restaurant…. Waiter:                (bringing a tray of food to the table) Did you wantContinue reading “An Encounter with Mr. Palaver”

Ozuu: A Nourishing Natural Wine from Nigeria

I can still remember how my father used to go to the farm and get this beautiful naturally flavoured wine. In English it is called Palm Wine. Palm Wine is gotten from Palm trees. This wine can be gotten from short and tall palm trees. I was raised in the village; I used to accompanyContinue reading “Ozuu: A Nourishing Natural Wine from Nigeria”

How One Prophet Daniel Abodurin Was Eaten by Lions at the Ibadan Zoo in 1991

Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, Nigeria. The city which lies in the south-western part of Nigeria is known for its rich and fascinating cultures, lifestyle and history. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Ibadan is the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden. It is a popular custom of many families living in IbadanContinue reading How One Prophet Daniel Abodurin Was Eaten by Lions at the Ibadan Zoo in 1991

“Don’t Come To The School Again”

This Life we are living in is VERY uncertain that we can never tell what will happen in the next minutes. This is my personal experience and what ACTUALLY happened to me. Let me tell you how it all began: I got a job in a Catholic School as a teacher (Our Lady of ApostlesContinue reading ““Don’t Come To The School Again””

Twitter Ban in Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari: A Sign of Visionless and Unpatriotic Leader!!

The invention of the internet gave rise to the invention of social media platforms all of which have become pivotal and indispensable in our day-to-day life in our modern times as it is customary of every social media platforms and organizations to have privacy policy and terms of service; Twitter was no an exception. NigerianContinue reading “Twitter Ban in Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari: A Sign of Visionless and Unpatriotic Leader!!”

The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)

It is fully well known that Christianity is a foreign culture. Christianity never existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans. It was during the colonial era that the Europeans brought in the Christian religion to Africa. Today Africa is predominantly a Continent known for being a Christendom. Suffice to say that Africa hasContinue reading “The ABUSE of Church and Religion in Africa!!! (Nigeria as a case study)”

What do you do when you’ve got no energy left?

Living in this 3D is WORK!!! The density and lowness of this Earth with the lower consciousness is enough to drain our energy and knock us down. The bitter truth is that we cannot always be in a higher vibrations because we live in a lower realm!!! (though it is disappointing to see how manyContinue reading “What do you do when you’ve got no energy left?”

Water! (Mni Wiconi)

The entire world is carried by Water. More than 50% of the world is covered by Water. Water is a very powerful element; hence the Chinese say that the most powerful thing on Earth is water because it is soft, fluid and able to penetrate anything. It even wears away rock. Apart from my experienceContinue reading “Water! (Mni Wiconi)”