Christmas in Nigeria

Every 25th December Christmas is celebrated throughout the world! To mark the birth of Jesus Christ; when I was a Jehovah’s Witness we were told not to celebrate Christmas because it was not written in the Bible and Jesus Christ did not celebrate his birthday. There have been many speculations as to the exact dateContinue reading “Christmas in Nigeria”

Who Are Earth Angels, Healers, Lightworkers and Starseeds?

If you have experienced spiritual awakening or is experiencing spiritual awakening; you will come across such terms as the one that makes up the title of this blogpost. And of a TRUTH; there are people who are Healers, Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Starseeds. Everyone is on a mission in this planet earth. Some people areContinue reading “Who Are Earth Angels, Healers, Lightworkers and Starseeds?”

Detachment is POWER

Have you ever set an intention to manifest something and then you begin to feel the need to have it manifest quicker and faster into your reality or getting worried about how your set goals will be manifested? I think everyone is guilty of that (including me! LoL). In my own personal journey of manifesting,Continue reading “Detachment is POWER”

Europe sent Nigeria up to 1 million near-expired doses of covid-19 vaccine

By Annalisa Merelli Published December 10, 2021 As many as 1 million doses of AstraZeneca’s covid-19 vaccine reportedly expired before they could be used in Nigeria, a country of more than 200 million where less than 2% of the population is fully vaccinated. According to Reuters, the doses were sent from Europe through Covax, a programContinue reading “Europe sent Nigeria up to 1 million near-expired doses of covid-19 vaccine”

Knowing And Befriending The Universe

Much as the Universe LOVES us, we must understand the characters of the Universe. Everything in this life has likes and dislikes. That is where Ying and Yang comes in. if you have a friend, you must know his likes and dislikes. This is inevitable—I think I will call this Universal Law of Understanding.  Now,Continue reading “Knowing And Befriending The Universe”

My Powerful Telepathic Experience!!

Have you ever had a powerful telepathic experience? We have heard of Telepathy and know what it means. I do not want to start explaining it. It simply means mind-reading or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Honestly, I am quite the intuitive and “sensitive” type. This story I want to share with you is an actualContinue reading “My Powerful Telepathic Experience!!”

An Eye That Sees Everything!

Most times I cannot help but wonder and get dumbfounded by the infinite wisdom of God. God is INDEED an all-knowing God; Master Planner and the ONE who sees everything. No wonder the proverb nothing is hidden under the sun. This story I want to share with you is an actual story that happened! ItContinue reading “An Eye That Sees Everything!”

Money: 25 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Today, I want to talk about money. Everyone loves money! Money is an indispensable part of human existence because without money you cannot pay your bills because we live in a world where we have to pay for survival. What do you think is the difference between the millionaires, billionaires and the poor people? AContinue reading “Money: 25 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance”

How BAD Nigeria has BECOME!!!

That tiny yellow map written Delta is my state. That is where I am typing this blog from and that is my state of origin. When I was in high school to my early years in college, Nigeria had a very good reputation. For some time now, Nigeria has occupied a frontline as a notorious,Continue reading “How BAD Nigeria has BECOME!!!”