MAGA Mantra (“Make America Great Again”)

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Ah! America, the “great” land—I love America. When I was in high school I heard the word “USA” and then I checked they said it is United States of America and I asked myself why did they say United States? I learnt that it was 50 States coming together to “live” as one Country in the Continent of North America. I won two books as prize when I was in high school.  One was a book and the other one was a magazine published by Guidepost. It was through the book and magazine that I began to study about America; as it shared many life stories of American people and how they overcame their personal problems. There I read the names of states in USA. It was really inspiring and wonderful!

Now for 50 States to come together to live as one Country actually sounded great! Is it not something remarkable? It used to be! Yes, you read that right; because for a country like USA where you are killed, punished and maltreated because of your skin colour does NOT represent a great country or a country that is ACTUALLY “united.” Suffice to say that United States is just in words; not in practice; reason being that USA is now the HUB of RACISM! I was sobered and left in sobriety when I read what AOC (Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez) said about America:

“Removing Trump will not remove the infrastructure of an entire party that embraced him; the dark money that funded him; the online radicalization that drummed his army; nor the racism he amplified and reanimated” -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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That statement is enough to leave you teary-eyed! RACISM IS A MIND DISEASE. Like the Barbadian-American singer Rihanna rightly said in her song Disturbia. Rihanna says “…a disease of the mind it can control you…”

Yes, racism is actually a MIND DISEASE; it possesses you, controls you. It creeps up inside you subliminally and starts consuming you and like a thief in the night as Rihanna also said in Disturbia

“It’s a thief in the night

To come and grab you.”

It is true, that spell of Racism first of all grabs you. Racism is evil; I am saying this NOT because I am a Black person. It is JUST the FACT (if I was a White person I would say the same thing; I am COCKSURE that there are some very few White people who knows what I am saying is TRUE). I love this song by Rihanna; I played it while typing this post. Well-done Rihanna!

When I first read the make America great again mantra I was like “Great again in what sense”? One American person asked “when was it great”? The bitter truth is that the mantra of “Make America Great Again” is born out of negative ego. I was surprised when I saw one of my American friend who I thought was on a journey to enlightenment and quite not in the way of the consensus use the MAGA Mantra in one of her social media pictures. I was like even this one is still following the crowd; I actually felt disappointed!

Honestly, every country is GREAT on their own right! For example, countries like Israel, China, Japan, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt are GREAT on their own right. I love the words of Abby Wynne:

“We are all neighbours because we live on Planet Earth.  We are all human. Instead of focusing on making any country great again, let’s remember the greatness in ourselves, and in others.” Abby Wynne

Whenever I see Donald Trump or any American wearing the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA Mantra) I feel disappointed; but I see them with the eyes of Compassion because they (Americans who wear the “Make America Great Again”) are consumed with the negative ego and it is correct to say that they are under Disturbia and “un-awakened” because “a mind stretched by new knowledge can never go back to its prior form” as said in The Mastery of Life of the Rosicrucians.

The last time I checked, no one race is better or greater than the other. As no skin colour is neither! We are equal; honestly I do not see myself as “less-than” because I am Black; I see myself as a human being with Divine rights, loved unconditionally by God/Goddess, Angels and the Universe.  This is how I see my fellow human beings no matter what skin colour you want to label yourself.

I am a Nigerian and ultimately UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK. Someone will want to say that I have not talked about the problems in Nigeria; I am talking about USA. I will also talk about the issues of Nigeria as well but this article does not focus on Nigeria.

The question now is “Make America Great Again,” for who? Is it really for “all” Americans? I DOUBT if the Black Americans are included in this “Make America Great Again” (MAGA Mantra)! Because the narratives in America speak volumes; don’t even get me started with the death of George Floyd and the likes of it (SAD!!!). In the eyes of God, Angels and the Universe we are all equal. Let me ask you, does natural disaster know skin colour? Does sickness or death know skin colour? NO! They affect everyone; animals too do not know skin colour; so why is it humans that are made in God’s image are “knowing” skin colour? The Bible did not say God made White people in God’s image. It said “Man” meaning all humans.

When I watched the victorious video of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; I marveled! I also congratulated the duo and followed them on their social media handles. Here is the thing—now, when you meet the supporters of Joe Biden they will tell you that Joe Biden is an “Angel” and they will pour out all sorts of errors, criticisms about Donald Trump. If you meet with the fans of Donald Trump; they will tell you that Donald Trump is a Hero with all his “GREAT”-NESS and then they will pour out all the flaws of Joe Biden. The only thing we can do is to watch and see how the American narratives go; as actions will also speak louder than words.

If America wants to be “great” or “great again” America MUST FIRST HEAL from the MIND DISEASE of RACISM! The great Black American singer Michael Jackson has told us to heal the world and it starts with healing ourselves first whether mind disease of racism or any other thing…the ONLY way to make America “great” or “great again” is seeing each other with the eyes of love, understanding and compassion. Not letting the negative ego deceive you with the MAGA Mantra (“Make America Great Again”).

“You Are Not My Church Member”

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I was minding my business one Sunday afternoon when a neigbour told me “Kaycee I am amazed at what happened in the church today.” Curious, I asked “what happened”? (Side note: Kaycee is my nickname. In Nigeria, people whose names are Kingsley are called Kaycee/KC) And then she began to narrate the events:

“Today, as service was going on in the church a woman came to the church. She sat down, after the service she went to meet the Pastor of the church; a woman. After explaining her ordeal to the Pastor, the Pastor asked her which she worships. The woman told her. And the Pastor responded to her “Go and meet your Pastor to solve your problem. You are not my church member. I have worked for many people, once they get solution to their problems; they never come back to my church again.” When my neighbour finished telling me this, I told her: “that Pastor is an end-time Pastor.”

My neighbour started telling me what happened in that particular church. She said, as the “woman of God” was preaching, she was being followed—guarded back and forth as though she may not strike her foot against any stone. Can you guess what she wore? Trouser! Cocooned with negative ego and cockiness she was. “Hmmmm, so you are able to endure those nasty scenes”? If I were you; I would leave immediately. I told my neighbour. “Right there in the church sachet of pure water we buy for N10 were being sold for N50 while a stick of candle we buy for N60 was sold for N100. I was dumbfounded.  “The desperate members were all buying and even borrowing money to buy”! My neighbour said. Nowadays, people no longer go to church to serve God. They go to church to look for “miracles.” To be honest, that is not a true worship!

The last time I checked my Bible, most of the people Jesus healed in the Bible did not become his disciples. Examples: blind Bartimaeus, Jairus daughter, the Syrophoenician woman, the woman with the issue of blood, the ten lepers, the possessed man that was chained in the cave and many others. Jesus’ disciples did not do these things nowadays “men of God” are doing. Are they really men of God? I read a very famous Nigerian pastor say “I am at your service.” We all know that most politicians do not follow the right procedure in entering office. How can a “man of God” be at the service of someone who does not have good reputation? A governor whose reputation is not guaranteed—with no example of a good leadership.

The prophets of God in the Bible never asked for a dime from people they healed. For example, Prophet Elisha healed Naaman for free. Jesus’ disciples never demanded for seed before they healed those that came to them or the ones they met. Personally, Jesus is a man I love and respect. His teachings and wisdoms have also contributed to my spiritual awakening and personal development. Yes, his handsomeness alone can dissolve mountains!

Many people who are calling themselves “Men of God” or “Pastors” are not actually doing what Jesus did. If you listen to these modern Pastors they say things like “sowing of seeds,” and such. I begin to wonder, all the people Jesus healed in the Bible he never asked for a dime from them. Why do these nowadays Pastors put a price tag just because they want to pray for their church members?

I left church many years ago; I ran away from Church. I CHOSE Spirituality over Religion. And Jesus said to worship God in spirit and in truth not according to religion or religious denominations). Honestly, I do not know how a quirky, maverick, magical, woo-woo loving, positively rebellious wild child like Kingsley can be tied down with some Religious Doctrines. IMPOSSIBLE!

The most painful part of it is that “Christians” (or let me say churchgoers) have given their power away to a person (Pastor) who they worship. If you go to church today, you will notice that church members worship their Pastors….it is sad that people no longer remember that they are Divine. You will see someone showering gifts to “men of God” with the intention and belief that he or she will be blessed by giving to a “man of God.”

Here is what Morihei Ueshiba said about Religion

“Religion is just show business begotten by the megalomania of its ruling class and created to fleece money from a crowd of stupid (m)asses.”

“Well, why stupid?”

“Because these people become very limited in their knowledge. It is constantly being drummed into their heads that they should listen only to the speeches of their religious leaders, they should read only their literature and stick only to their herd, because all other religions are wrong.”

Sensei I A conversation of Sensei and his students (Sensei I, The Primordial of Shambala)

The TRUTH is, we are all children of God. We are Human +Divine: one with God, Goddess, Angels and Universe. Just because someone wears a suit and carries himself/herself with a so-called piety of “holier than thou” does not mean they are better than you. God can use anybody to carry out His will. God used a prostitute to rescue the Israelite men when the wall of Jericho was to be destroyed. Her name is Rahab (Joshua 2:7)


Have you ever seen two people who are “opposite” even if they are from the same parents? As you read along you will find out what I mean by “opposite.” This Earth Game we are playing called Life is really wonder-full; makes me remember the song “What a Wonderful World.”

I am the last child of my parents. I have an elder brother; as I did not begin primary school on time due to some difficulties I had before I started walking well. But that was in my infancy stage (it is an old story I must tell you). Due to this my elder brother Bright was ahead of me in school; he was in the next class and I was in the preceding class.

Bright and Me during our Interhouse Sport Competition in High School

During my childhood days I had trouble going to school; I kind of disliked school. It was a war between me and my mom. I would cry and cry telling her that I do not want to go to school! Sometimes she will lead me to the school; but I knew the route so I have to come back on my personal freewill. Or we would end up in kerfuffle; which will ultimately lead to me ending up halfway and she will have to take me back home right there from the road! Even if she tried to cajole me with the promise of my favorite food and goodies for me; I have already said no with tears in my eyes and I meant it. Call me a wild child and you are right (a good wild, quirky, maverick supple child…a child who knew his onions….right? Yes! Lols).

Bright and Me

This incident happened between the period of my primary one and two. Then it seemed something sparked up in me and I picked interest in schooling. Once I entered primary three I fell in love with academics—reading ahead of the class textbook and even teaching myself at home. My performance was quite remarkable. It seemed like I got “awakened;” I even wrote my final school leaving certificate examination from my preceding class! And I made it excellently.

Then secondary school, as usual my brother Bright was ahead of me in class. It seemed like an advantage of me because I would be using his textbooks and notebooks to prepare myself ahead. Nearing completion of my secondary school, the choice of career came. That will enable us to know what we are to study in the university or college. There seemed to be a “belief” about science and art.  There was this belief that going into the field of the sciences would give you an edge over your contemporaries and present you with more job opportunities plus a well paid job. I actually faced pressure at that time, but I had to be stubborn enough to follow my instinct. I intuitively knew that I was going for the Arts. My brother Bright had a knack for the sciences; plus I am a Rainbow child (at least I knew this from my childhood)this is where the “opposite” comes in.

My Mom, Bright and Me

When we finally graduated from secondary school, my brother got an admission into the Delta State University where he studied Physics. Actually, during my secondary school days, I wanted to do Gymnastics as a career because I had a very flexible body; I could twist, crawl, climb, turn and whatever with all the quirkiness and suppleness—something I used to defeat my brother when we used to play. He would try to bend me as a way of punishment but I somehow curled out like a snake; he would try to bend me again as punishment but with suppleness I would curl out of his hands. What stopped me from doing Gymnastics was that there was no Gymnastic school in Nigeria. My mom actually saw this potential in me; we made enquiries but there was no Gymnastic school in Nigeria.

Thanks to my physical and health education teacher. She was really a competent teacher; one with an enviable mastery of her field! She sparked my zeal…I could remember asking her in the classroom if the state government would sponsor us to Greece to go and do Gymnastics since Gymnastics originated from Greece. My passion was burning with Gymnastics! But she told me that she was not sure if our government would do that. My brother and I were her favorite students (same with other teachers).

Eventually, I had to take up study in the field of the arts and humanities. I studied Political Science and Social Studies in College of Education, Agbor Delta State in Nigeria. The thing is this, while my brother Bright studied Physics I am the one who eats, sleeps and breathes Metaphysics—I LOVE Metaphysics!! Bright actually graduated excellently; he is very dexterous and competent when it comes to handling and fixing things: ranging from repairing our generator, motorbike, installing fan, house-wiring, plumbing, repairing radio, television, phone, etc. Bright was the one who singlehandedly installed our tap and GEEPEE water tank without the assistance of the workmen. The only thing the workmen did was to bring the machine for the drilling. That is all. Every other technical stuff was handled by Bright competently and smoothly…a gift I do not have!

On my Matriculation Day in College with Bright and his friend

I always tell my students “I prefer Metaphysics to physics.” I am the one who loves to spend time in the river—connecting with the Waters healing energies (if you say I am a Merman, you are right), taking a walk in the forest, conversing with the Universe and exploring all-things Metaphysics. When I told my mom the experience when I traveled across the high sea; she looked at me intuitively and said “who knows if the Undines was just nudging you…you know you are the quirkiest of all my children…” and we burst into laughter.

In the University, Bright do repairs for fellow students, neighbours, friends in their hostels. Whenever any of their appliances was faulty or they needed a wiring or connection and stuffs like that he would go and do it for them and they pay him for the service. He even goes to outside work as an electrician. I am blessed and fortunate to have such a talented brother so that I did not have to pay any electrician to fix things for me. Yes, I am proud of him!

Let me say that God uses our fellow humans to save us….we can be each other’s Angels. As usual Bright went to an outside work in a hostel; that was a fateful day…a student met him in the school and told him that her fan was faulty. The fan would not switch on to give her the air she bought the fan for!! (That can be very frustrating—especially when you are not tech savvy). So they bargained for the price and he paid Bright in advance. Then Bright agreed to come and fix the fan for her the next day.

When Bright arrived the girl’s hostel, she showed Bright the fan and explained whatever it was that was wrong with the fan. Then Bright climbed a chair to fix the fan; meanwhile the girl’s sister visited and was trying to prepare lunch. Standing on the chair in the room, Bright was working on the fan and the girl’s sister who visited brought went to the kitchen and switched on the gas. After switching on the gas, she realized that the matches was not in the kitchen; she had to go and get matches from the room.

Fortunately Bright had already seen her light the gas cooker. As she was going to the kitchen to strike the matches to light the gas; Bright swiftly jumped down from the chair and gripped her with full force—pulling her away from the kitchen and dragging her to the room! The girl was confused and angry; not knowing the intention behind Bright’s action. She began to yell and rain insults on Bright; this drew the attention of other students in the hostel and her sister. When they came out she narrated how Bright jumped down from the chair and gripped her; dragging her away from the kitchen to the room. They began to think otherwise—suspecting that Bright wanted to rape her. All of them started talking and running their mouths like tap.

“Hear me out,” Bright told the girl’s sister whom he has come to repair her fan for. Everyone was like what has he to say…so Bright told them how it all began: “I was up there on the chair fixing the fan when I saw your sister go to the kitchen and switch on the gas cooker. After switching on the gas cooker, she realized that the matches was not in the kitchen; she was looking for the matches. She spent ten minutes walking up and about looking for the matches. If I had not seen her and she went to the kitchen and light the gas. This hostel would be ablaze and I am sure it would not be a funny experience.” Hearing this, the girl whom she came to repair fan for shouted, “What!!!! Thank God for your vigilance!” as she said this she collapsed on the bed. All she said was “Halleluiah!!” BRIGHT THANK YOU OO!!! She began to thank Bright profusely. “You are really a good electrician. If you had not seen her all of us would have been burnt to death and severely injured.” Said the girl with gratitude. Other students in the hostel who heard her shout rushed in to see what was going and why she was shouting. When they heard the version of Bright story; they began to thank him profusely. The girl who wanted to cook the lunch went on her knees and started begging Bright and thanking him. Everyone in the hostel that afternoon were all thanking Bright for his vigilance. Even those who have insulted all apologized to him and thanked him copiously for his vigilance. Some students were saying thank God he came that afternoon to repair the fan; otherwise that hostel would have been ablaze; lives and properties would have been lost. “Bright, God used you to save me and my sister and everyone in this hostel.” The girl who hired Bright to repair her fan said. “Assuming Bright did not come today to repair this fan, this hostel would have been razed down by fire. And we would not be here talking…” thank God and thank Bright. Other students on hearing the story of the incident; blamed the girl who wanted to cook the lunch for her carelessness. “Why would you turn on a gas cooker when you do not have a lighter or matches in your hands? You are a very careless girl! Village girl! Common sense should have told you that you were supposed to have matches or lighter handy before turning on the gas cooker.” One of the students told her aggressively. Bright has already finished his work so he left them.

(Fan: Google images)

A Better Understanding of What Ego Means!

The negative operates from a lower vibration and a powerless place. When you are in the negative ego, you NEVER win. Some forms which the negative ego can take are: pride, bragging, pretense, fear, jealousy, fear, desperation, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts/voices, feelings of unworthiness etc. The negative ego is another EPITOME of lies (as limiting beliefs ARE!!)

I am very grateful to Lazaris, a Non Physical Entity of Light channeled by Jack Pursel. Lazaris explains in detail what the ego is. The ego is two types: negative ego and positive ego. But many people generalize it as ego which is not true! Self-love, self-confidence, gratitude, mindfulness, humility, honesty etc are egos too; but these are positive ego.

Our Higher Selves works with the Positive Ego. The Negative Ego can be correctly named the Devil in every human; the dark side of human beings. Assuming we as human beings do not have the negative ego we would be more like the Angels in terms of Consciousness—because Angels of Light and other Light Beings do not have the negative ego. And the positive ego is full of unlimited possibilities, celestial mandates, higher vibrations and higher consciousness all-round.

I used to wonder why someone cannot change completely. For example, nobody is perfect. Even if you are a religious leader, spiritual teacher etc you still have the negative ego in you. Only very few humans has been able to dethrone their negative egos. When someone changes from a bad habit or deed to a good path; I used to think within me in my cradle days of spiritual development and awakening that once you turn away from whatever bad thing you used to do that you will become perfect because you God/Universe will give you perfection; but I come to realize that having the negative in us is like a learning curve for us, a reminder to keep embracing the light and using our freewill. But I think it is “WORK”!! because you know how I see it and how I am feeling about this is that—if God/Universe/Angels removes the negative ego from humans we would not need their help because we will be vibrating at the same level of Consciousness as they are—and even if not exactly; our own Consciousness will be at a very high level—one worth adoring and being a force to reckon with!!

To help us further understand the Negative Ego (Devil) and the Positive Ego (Angel); here is an illustration of the Negative Ego (Devil) and the Positive Ego (Angel) as explained by Morihei Ueshiba (aka O-Sensei):

No matter how you ‘chop off’ negative thoughts they will keep appearing according to the law of action and reaction. That’s why you needn’t fight with them. You should withdraw from them, artificially developing positive thoughts inside yourself. In other words, concentrate on something good or recall something good. Only in this smooth withdrawal will you be able to defeat your negative thought.

And why can thoughts sometimes be the absolute opposite of each other? Let’s put it this way: in the human body, there is a spiritual nature, or soul, and a material nature, or animal, beastly, call it as you wish. The human mind is a battlefield of these two natures. That’s why different thoughts arise in you. And who am ‘I’ then, if thoughts are alien? Not alien, but yours. You are the one who’s listening to them. And which nature you give preference to, that you will become. If you prefer the material, animal nature, then you’ll be evil and nasty, and if you listen to the advice of your soul, you’ll be a good person, and it will be pleasant for other people to be around you.

The choice is always yours; you are either a tyrant or a saint. You turned to the soul, your wish was fulfilled. When you weakened your control over yourself, you were pulled over by the animal nature, imperceptibly for you at that, by your own favourite egoistic thoughts. There is a constant war of two natures inside of you for you. And your future depends on which side you choose.

It is possible to fight with the one who offers resistance. But fighting with a vacuum is senseless. Against a vacuum of negative thoughts, it is only possible to create the same vacuum of positive thoughts. In other words, as I’ve said before, to switch to a positive and to think about good things. But always stay vigilant, listen to what your brain is thinking about. Observe yourself. Be aware of the fact that you don’t make any effort, but the thoughts in you are constantly swarming. And not one thought. There can be two and three or even more at once.

It is like in Christianity, they say, on man’s left shoulder sits the devil, and on the right, an angel. And they are always whispering “something…” But for some reason, the devil whispers louder, he probably has a rougher voice. What’s called the devil in Christianity is the manifestation of our animal nature (Negative Ego).Well, if the mind is a battlefield of two natures, and as far as I understand it, their weapons are thoughts, then how can you distinguish who is who?  How do the spiritual and the animal nature manifest in thoughts? In which way?

The spiritual nature are thoughts generated by the power of Love, in the broad sense of the word. While the animal nature are thoughts about the body, our instincts, our reflexes, megalomania, desires, which are entirely consumed by material interests, and so forth. (Sense I The Primordial of Shambala by Anastasia Novykh)

Just imagine how it would look like when you become the individual who does not have limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, negative energies and vibrations. Your aura and third eye are highly activated, clean and fortified at all times. You are in mindfulness and well connected to the Ethereal. In that kind of reality you are an Enlightened Being (suffice to say an Angel) because negative entities and energies cannot penetrate you because you are too much of a high vibrational being for them to come near to or try to penetrate!

Another thing is that the Earth has its own troubles and hiccups. As the beloved Ascended Master Kwan Yin taught us; “The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy.” It takes spiritual muscle to penetrate through the denseness of this earth (trust me!) but it is possible to penetrate through it.

It is my joy to see humans dethrone and starve their negative egos. But wait; are my daydreaming by saying that? Lols! No. Subliminally and honestly I know that this cannot happen once! It will take centuries for humanity to have come to this state of Higher Consciousness. Right now, the earth is healing, humans are healing. And humanity’s consciousness is rising to a higher level. Many are awakening (spiritually) and we are all at our own pace and time.

Food For Thought

The Universe/God/Angels does not know skin color. Why do some humans focus on skin color?” Kingsley Osajie

The Universe/God/Angels treats EVERYONE EQUAL. Why is it that Humans who are made in the image of God have not understand this. You look around and you see racism, stereotype for people of other skin color….more shocking is that most people who are parading themselves as Personal Development Experts, Coach etc have stereotype for people of other skin color and are full of Negative Ego, pretense and pride. Everyone has the Negative Ego, but it is your job to tame/starve your Negative Ego. See my blogpost on a better understanding of what ego means

A very dear friend of mine told me something one day. He said “everyone is an Angel.” That you are privileged…or affluent does not make you wiser. And when you are in a position to help someone and you know the person really needs the help; do not start preaching motivational speech. That Person does not need that motivational sermon. Save it for next time and give the person the particular help required.

I am on my way to Enlightenment. And the first step to Enlightenment is to raise your Consciousness first. Then empathic; activate your Third Eye/hone your Intuition. If you are not All-Encompassing, you are a bunch of pretense…how do I mean by all-encompassing? I mean if you do not accommodate people of other skin color, if you have a Stereotype for people of other skin color and such… you are just pretending. Please clear way let us see the true people who know what love for humanity is. And remember to keep your pretense to yourself. The world does not need it. I will always remember this:

“We can preach a better sermon with our lives than with our lips.” Oliver Goldsmith

“A person is a person through another person.” Brenda Fassie.

Developing The Eyes of Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. (Google images)

If only we can see each other with the eyes of love and compassion; then things will be fine. Hate does not conquer hate. Only love does that. Darkness does not conquer darkness. Only light does that! For mankind to move into the stage of Higher Consciousness; it is important and required for us to start seeing others as a Jewel; seeing others with the eyes of compassion and love. Because we are all Divine! As Jimi Hendrix so eloquently puts it, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

The perfect example of this compassion and love for one another is Kwan Yin (also spelt as Kuan Yin; the Chinese Goddess of Mercy). She has and is still setting the pace for all to follow for those who want to enlighten their lives and embrace their Higher Self. She is an Ascended Master.

Now, many people are going to be wondering and may ask: what? Kwan Yin? What is Kwan Yin? Who is Kwan Yin? Kwan Yin is among the Myriads of Spirit Guides working for the benefit of mankind! Why should we develop the eyes of Kwan Yin? What are the eyes of Kwan Yin? In her song titled Roar, Katy Perry told us that she has got the eyes of a Tiger; having the eyes of a Tiger is good—that one has its own place and role. But this article is focusing on the eyes of Kwan Yin.

“Kwan Yin has a beautiful message and it must be your calling (Kingsley Osajie) to teach this to others” Anna Hopp, USA

Before I go in details of the eyes of Kwan Yin; it behooves me to tell you about Kwan Yin and her role in humanity—not everyone is familiar with this powerful Deity. Kwan Yin was ‘born’ from a Ray of White Light which The Amitabha Buddha emitted from his right eye while he was deep in spiritual ecstasy. Kwan Yin is regarded as an emanation of The Amitabha Buddha and as an embodiment of compassion, the quality which Amitabha himself embodies in the highest sense. Kwan Yin is the sublime Goddess of Mercy whose beauty, grace and compassion have come to represent the ideal of womanhood in the East. (

Kuan Yin known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of Bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity. She removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul. Her shortened Chinese name, Kuan Yin, means “Hearer of Sounds.” Her full name, Kuan Shih Yin, means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.”

Kwan Yin holding a Lotus Flower, (Google images)

According to Eastern tradition, when Kuan Yin was about to enter Heaven, as she stood on the very threshold, she could hear the cries of humanity. She did not enter but returned to help all who suffer in the earth plane. The term “Hearer of Sounds” can also be translated as “perceiver” or “regarder” of the world’s sounds. She is known in much of Asia as a Divine emanation that answers the prayers of those who faithfully call upon her name.

Kuan Yin is a cross-cultural, nondenominational figure revered by many spiritual and religious traditions around the world. She serves the aspirants of all spiritual heritages and paths. Those who espouse a concept of an impersonal, formless divinity see her as an expression of the essence of compassion, or as a symbol of it. Others who acknowledge a personal Godhead view her as a divine embodiment of this virtue. Some view her as both the impersonal and personal manifestations of divine compassion, with no contradiction. She nurtures the growth of this quality in us through our devotions and our interpersonal relationships with others. (Excerpted from Kuan Yin’s Miracle Mantras by Josephine Stark. From

Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular Eastern divinities. A physically and spiritually beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion, and protection, her name means “she who hears prayers.” Kuan Yin does, in fact, hear and answer every prayer sent her way. Kuan Yin is often called “the Mother Mary of the East,” because she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy in the Buddhist religion, in the same way that Mary radiates sweet loving femininity within Christianity. Kuan Yin teaches us to practice a life of harmlessness, using great care to ease suffering in the world and not add to it in any way.

Kuan Yin is a Friend, Guide, and Protector to humans. She banishes fear and hardship, and protects people from spiritual and physical harm. She is the Patroness of seafarers, farmers, and travelers. She rescues shipwrecked sailors. She is a Guardian. She has helped childless women conceive. Kuan Yin is kind and generous. She is a Healer. She is merciful and eases suffering. Kuan Yin helps humans forgive and make amends. She is the Goddess of Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Guan Yin is also known as patron Bodhisattva of Putuo Shan (Mount Putuo), Mistress of the Southern Sea and Patroness of fishermen. As such She is shown crossing the sea seated or standing on a lotus or on the head of a dragon. The Dragon being an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation.

Kwan Yin atop a Dragon (Google images)

“…As a member of the Karmic Board, I Kwan Yin, am the first to speak out for those who have struggled against all odds and have no place to turn in their life save to the Presence of God. When they have recognized this as the Court of Last Resort with which they can count on, I will then plea for their case and put into the Treasury of the Allness of God my Momentum in the Violet Flame as Mercy, Forgiveness and Love, so that that one may try once more to hold on to the Hand of God.

For many years, I have been known as the Spirit of the Flame of Mercy and Compassion. I would like to speak to you about that Flame of Mercy, because Its presence is so important in the feeling world of those who desire to heal. No permanent healing of mind and body can come, just through effort of human will, beloved ones! Now, these Flames of Mercy and Compassion stir within the breasts of many men and women as a vocation, although not all of them are necessarily spiritual healers. I would like to bring this to your attention today, because compassion is a positive quality. Sympathy is a negative quality.

Compassion, witnessing the requirement of the moment, does not allow the feelings to leave the Heart Flame with an acceptance of the discordant appearance. It does not accept that there is a power greater than God. For instance, in the case of an accident, if an individual with sympathy were to look upon a person whose life-blood was ebbing away, the sympathetic individual would probably faint, while the compassionate person would give immediate assistance to the injured one by stopping the flow of blood. It is most important that you understand this.” (Kwan

Having known who Kwan Yin is let me tell you what the eyes of Kwan Yin means. The eyes of Kwan Yin means: compassion, wisdom and benevolence. Now don’t assume that mercy is cheap. Even if we get it free. Mercy should NEVER be considered a “cheap” way out of sin, as being forgiven seems just too quick and easy. It takes wisdom, knowledge, understanding and power to show mercy. The benefit and relevance of showing mercy cannot be overemphasized! We hear people say “please, tamper justice with mercy, have mercy on me…” And we all know a type of reality one finds himself/herself for these words to come out!

How do we develop the eyes of Kwan Yin? And why should we develop it? Here are the instructions from Kwan Yin: “Appreciate the godliness within yourself, within each of you. Do not chide yourself for your errors and mistakes, but laugh, grow, and learn from them instead.” Kuan Yin always hears and answers our prayers, and no “special” ritual is necessary to contact her. Though there is a Kwan Yin mantra that can help you develop a deeper and personal relationship with Kwan Yin—it is called Om Mani Padme Hum, which means “Hail to the jewel in the lotus flower.”

As a Bodhisattva, freed from attachments, Kuan Yin demands nothing of Her followers. She asks only one thing—that you share her value of Compassion for all sentient beings. On my own personal experience, I have experienced the power of this mantra. It is really powerful; sublime, healing, soothing and ethereal—it raises my vibration! Matter of fact, I am a mantra-minded person. There are times (and to date) I am able to chant mantra to a Theta state! If you are familiar with meditation and mantras; you will understand what it means. What that means is that in that state, I am able to enter into the etheric realm and working with my subconscious mind. It was the mantra played as I typed this article (of course on repeat; Lols). The benefits of reciting the Compassionate mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) are infinite, like the limitless sky.

Mantra is the bridge over which we pass from the natural to the spiritual order of things. The word itself originated from the Sanskrit language. In the words of Kalu Rinpoche, mantra is enlightened sound, the speech of the Bhodisattva of Compassion.

Om Mantra Symbol (Google images)

One thing you must understand is this; you were not sent here on earth alone. You have Spirit Guides assigned to assist you in fulfilling your destiny and using your unique gifts and talents to make great change in the world. There are myriads of Light Beings working for the benefit of humanity (of which Kwan Yin is among them).

Someone will want to ask how did you know Kwan Yin? I was a former baptized Jehovah’s Witness. In one of the publication published by Jehovah’s Witness, they talked about Kwan Yin, Mother Mary and their “worship.” They condemned and demonized these two beautiful Goddesses of Light. I was familiar with Mother Mary; but I was intuitively drawn to Kwan Yin. In that book, Kwan Yin was drawn with a golden gown, an umbrella and carrying a baby. Curious, I began to read about Kwan Yin in that Jehovah’s Witness book. I loved what I read.

After I left Jehovah’s Witness, I began to explore metaphysics, Eastern philosophy, spirituality and comparative religion. In 2018 I read about Kwan Yin in my FAVOURITE book An Awakening: Mapping Your Dream by Suzanne Hosang.

An Awakening: Mapping Your Dream (my FAVOURITE Book)

I was moved with what I read about Kwan Yin again. I was like “oh, I read about this Goddess before…” then I began a personal exploration about Kwan Yin. Everything I read about Kwan Yin appealed to me and yes, it made sense to me. I began to develop a personal relationship with Kwan Yin. I have actually had epiphanies with Kwan Yin. Yes, I am a child of Kwan Yin and I am happy, grateful and happy to be Kwan Yin’s child. Kwan Yin revealed Herself to me.

In my full transparency, the world would have been a better place if we all have the eyes of Kwan Yin! For example, those people who practice racism, terrorist and suicide bombing; do they have the eyes of compassion on their fellow humans? How about the animosity on the LGBT people? Talk about religious intolerance? If people start developing the eyes of Kwan Yin, I am sure these chaoses will begin to fizzle out among humanity—and the world will become a better place to live! What are the eyes of Kwan Yin? The eyes of Kwan Yin are the eyes of wisdom, compassion, benevolence, understanding and love.

Going back to Nigeria where I come from—the corrupt leaders in Africa do not have the eyes of Kwan Yin. Most of the poorest countries in the world come from Africa. Here is what Lazaris (a Non Physical Entity channeled by Jach Pursel has to say concerning Africa) “Africa has a unique relationship with pain and suffering and this is evidenced by genocide, starving poverty…buried in the corruption, pain and suffering that exist in Africa.” If the leaders in Africa start developing the eyes of Kwan Yin; Africa will begin to experience progress, prosperity and transformation—ultimately taking back its power and fulfilling its destiny.

Finally, I want you to meditate on these words from Kwan Yin:

 “A life should definitely belong to the one who tries to saves it, not one who tries to take it.” -Kwan Yin

“The universe will bring people whatever they want…Let the magic happen. It’s always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down…Prosperity can happen at any time. I want to give you everything that you need.” – Kwan Yin

“Sit with me in divine faith and believe in me. And I will be there. This goes for all beings…It is difficult for some to hear the voices of the Divine Spirit. This may be because some are so invested in material things. I understand. I feel a deep compassion for these human beings. Material things are a temporary relief from pain.” Kwan Yin

“Loving people is the most helpful thing anyone can do. Your society has the resources, at this very moment, to fashion industries and lifestyles conducive to a non-harmful environment. There is a popular belief that over-population is the threat to the earth’s environment. However, for many places upon the earth it is also very much a question of resource availability and distribution. There is a real need for creating a holistic infrastructure that can support everyone.” – Kwan Yin

“Some believe I am in servitude to Buddha. However, Buddha doesn’t see it like that. We’re more like brother and sister. There is a difference. I come to people in many forms, forms constructed from people’s own perceptions of how I should come to them. And it is individual spiritual needs that create these unique perceptions. In the end, it does not matter what form I take.” – Kwan Yin

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